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"The Commodore's Cruise" Raffle of 1984
by John Rich

From inside a musty old box of club documents from a storage room, comes a folder from 1984 containing papers for a "Commodore's Cruise" fund-raising raffle. Tickets were offered for $1 each, and about 2,600 tickets were sold. The prize was either a luxury two-person four-day paddling clinic at the Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina, or a new $800 canoe.
These documents are being presented here as a place to save them should anyone ever need to research this raffle concept again, for the curiosity of club members, and to preserve them as part of our club history.

To see all the details on this raffle,
including the organization, ticket
sales list, and the winner, click here:

Newsletter Editor, John Rich