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Houston, Texas

The Houston Canoe Club 

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HomeNL-2016-02 3 Membership Report

Membership Report

by Terry Herdlicka

The HCC Boatswain, Terry Herdlicka, has registered the following memberships during the month of January, 2016.  Welcome!


                 New Members:                
Gavin Brown     
Fort Worth, TX
Nina Macejewski    Richmond, TX

Renewing Members:

Emily Blumentritt

Will Blumentritt

Katrina Dunn

Forrest Dunn
Robert Killian
Tracy Caldwell-Becker

Ken Anderson

William Nixon

Tisha Matticks

Philip Matticks

Carolyn Ohrt

John Ohrt
Anita Goss
Kelly Motter


Total membership: 155

The HCC cordially welcomes new members to our club. New members are the lifeblood of the HCC, so be sure to lead and coordinate trips in order to provide opportunities for all of our new members to paddle.
Boatswain, Terry Herdlicka