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Last Meeting Minutes
January, 2016

January 13th, 2016
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Frank Ohrt
The Commodore called the meeting to order, introduced the officers, and reminded the members of the pre- and post-meeting gatherings at nearby restaurants. She asked for a volunteer to take responsibility for setting up the computer projector at the monthly meetings, and a volunteer to serve as webmaster.


The Fleet Captain discussed the Reel Paddling Film Festival as a possible club activity. She asked for a committee to explore the idea.


For the Safety Minute, the Vice-commodore discussed the “Road ID”, a device that has personal medical and contact information on a small tab that can be worn on a wrist or ankle when jogging, cycling, paddling, etc.
Vice Commodore, Fran Wilcox:

The Purser gave the monthly report of the club's finances. We were a bit in the red for the past year, but still doing fine, with money in the bank.
Purser, Bob Naeger: 

The Boatswain reported two new members in December, with no new members or visitors present.

Dave Kitson, acting as Fleet Captain, called for trip reports. They were as follows;
  • Paul Woodcock – Armand Bayou
  • Harmon Everett – Christmas Day paddle on Buffalo Bayou
  • Robert Trout – San Jacinto Wilderness Christmas Bird Count
  • Joe Coker - Lake Charlotte/Trinity River
Future trips were announced:
  • Jan. 23, Champions (Champion's?) Lake (Dave Kitson)
  • Jan. 23, Winter 100 Race, Austin to Bastrop (Dave Kitson)
  • Jan. 23, Poling trip on the Upper Guadalupe (Bob Naeger)
  • Jan. 30, Columbus River Loop (Philip and Tisha Matticks)
  • Feb. 19, Boquillas Canyon (Phillip and Tisha Matticks)
  • Feb. 21-28, Big Bend from St. Elena Canyon to Rio Grande Village (Ken Anderson)
  • March 5, San Marcos River Clean-up (yay! Free barbecue!)
  • March 12, Buffalo Bayou Partnership Regatta
  • March 24-28, Boquillas Canyon (Ken Anderson)
  • After Easter, Buffalo River, AK (Ken Anderson)
  • Sometime in June, Whatever river is running (Paul Woodcock) 

the Newsletter Editor gave the newsletter report. All old newsletters back to 1974 have been uploaded to the website, as well as old programs for the Southwest Canoe Rendezvous. Natalie Wiest was recognized for having contributed the most articles to the newsletter in 2015.
The Conservation Chair reported that a trio of Whooping Cranes had settled near Beaumont. He then noted that two of them had been shot by some moron, who is now in a heap o' trouble, as he well deserves to be.


The Commodore Emeritus noted three recent deaths of kayakers, all due to hypothermia in rough water. Let's not be stupid, folks!

The speaker for the evening was Craig Howard, who spoke about the 1976 historically correct replication of LaSalle's journey from Montreal to the Gulf of Mexico by canoe, carried out by a group of dauntless high school students from Chicago.
Fran Wilcox & Craig Howard:

The Commodore called the meeting to a close. The usual crew headed for Jax's, and everyone else headed for home.

January 6th, 2016
Honey Leveen's Home
Recorder: Fran Wilcox
Honey Leveen called the meeting to order at 7:03. Board members in attendance were Honey Leveen, Bob Naeger, Harmon Everett, Terri Herdlicka, Fran Wilcox, John Rich, Natale Wiest and Frank Ohrt (7:30).
Item #1 Reel Film Festival, Natalie Wiest.

The cost for this program is $695. This event/competition is for amateur film makers in a variety of categories. Some areas of interest to the club are sea kayaking, fishing and canoeing. The movies are all short films. Discussion ensued pertaining to the details of hosting/co-hosting a festival of this type i.e., renting the venue, sponsors/co-sponsors, and the possibility of food and alcoholic drinks. The $695 is solely for the right to show the films.

Natalie discussed some venue options – the new state of the art Boy Scouts maritime facility on I -45 South, River Oaks Theater and the Alamo Draft House. Partnering with another group was recommended and also financially advisable to at least break even with the budget. The overall goal of this festival would be for community awareness and increased participation in the sports highlighted.

Bob Naeger suggested a subcommittee to explore/determine a proposal to determine venue costs, fees etc. to present to the Club members.

Natalie will speak to the Club members at the January meeting asking for volunteers for this committee and also this may determine if there is enough interest with the members to pursue the festival.

Item #2 Website Permissions, Harmon Everett

Harmon has updated permissions to the website for all officers.

Item #3 Treasurer’s Report, Bob Naeger

Bob discussed the 2016 budget and expenses from 2015. The Christmas party, even with the venue and reduced price change, is a big expense and has barely broken even.

Bob suggested that the Board members not buy any stamps, stationary etc. until checking with other board members due to a vast surplus.

The 2015 Budget was based on 122 members and the 2016 Budget was based on an even higher number of members. This is important as a web fee is charged per member for those who pay their dues on line. The fee is approximately $4.44 per member.

Item #4 Membership Report, Terry Herdlicka

We have had a few new members who have not been updated to our membership count at this time.

Bob N explained about a discount that is afforded to HCC members if they join ACA as we are considered a Paddle America Club. (This is a requirement of our contract with ACA). When a member seeks to apply for ACA membership, they need to check the box on the hard copy form that states they are a member of a Paddle America Club.

Natalie W inquired about the ACA insured events that our club sponsors. Bob N replied that in the past the Club had discussed this issue and that trip leaders have the option to choose if they wanted to make their trip an ACA sanctioned trip or not. He also stated that the ACA has approved the HCC waiver that is used on trips, however the waiver is only good for one year.

Item #5 Programming, Fran Wilcox

At this time the current programs are:
  • January – The Voyageurs – Craig Howard.
  • February – either The Night Sky – Darrin Lewer (Land, Sea and Sky) or Training for Trip Leaders – Natalie Wiest.
  • March – which ever of the Feb programs that does not happen in that previous month.
The Board had some excellent recommendations for upcoming programs - to include Pecos Jack Richardson.

Item #6 Webmaster, John Rich

The current Webmaster has not been in contact with the Club for several months. Honey L will contact her by letter advising that the position will now be open.

Item #7 Disposition of Paper Archives, John Rich

Some of the past newsletters have been given to the Rice U Library. The Board agreed that since Rice U has archived our information in the past that we will ask if they would continue to be the physical custodian for the remainder of the collection.

Item #8 Location/host of Pre-meeting dinner, Honey Leveen

Bob N agreed to take this responsibility for this next month. A volunteer for the future would be appreciated.

Item #9 Laptop, Harmon Everett

Harmon had personally bought a laptop to be used for Club business and has proposed selling it to the Club as several of the programs are specific to the needs of our group. The proposed price was $300.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Frank Ohrt
Vice Commodore,
Fran Wilcox