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New Commodore's Comments
January, 2015
Honey Leveen

Our annual holiday party on December 12, 2015, was a resounding confirmation of why I’m happy to serve as HCC’s Commodore in 2016. It was a great party, made so not just due to the excellent food and venue (once people found it). It was also the people there that made it so much fun. I belong to other civic and professional groups, but HCC is the one group I’m active in where I count the most friends and the most shared, fun experiences.

Another reason I am happy to serve is because of our strong board of directors. I count each one of them as a friend and hope they feel the same way about me. I want to thank Fran Wilcox and Natalie Wiest for coming on to our board. I want to thank Bob Naeger, Terry Herdicka, Frank Ohrt and John Rich for remaining on the board, and Harmon Everett for agreeing to remain on the board in emeritus status.

My aspirations as your new Commodore are to run meetings on time and attend to HCC’s business. I believe you will find me attentive, approachable and responsive. I want you to contact me with your ideas and concerns.

To the board: I am not a micro-manager, yet I do like to define and accomplish tasks. I am pretty good at facilitating; in fact, I think this is my strong suit. You are my peers.

To all HCC members: it is not just HCC that is having trouble attracting new, especially younger, members. Every single group I’m involved with has these problems. When you see guests or new HCC members on the water or at a meeting, I request you to please take extra effort to introduce yourself to them and make them feel as welcome as possible. I believe this is the easiest way to encourage membership growth and the one thing we can do to set HCC apart as the friendliest group in town.
Outgoing Commodore Harmon Everett lets incoming
Commodore Honey Leveen try on the tricorne leadership hat.

Incoming Commodore, Honey Leveen