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HomeNL-2015-10 Rendezvous Song

The Rendezvous Song
by Ann Derby
At last month's club meeting we enjoyed an excellent presentation by Ann Derby, John & Cindy Bartos, and Louis Aulbach, on the history, scope and significance of the Southwest Canoe Rendezvous (SWCR), organized by the Houston Canoe Club.  And now Ann Derby presents for your pleasure, the lyrics to the official Rendezvous song, which she wrote and performed at some of the SWCR banquets:
Let’s Rendezvous

I was walking on the water when I heard a voice
Saying share this joy with others too
Bring them all together, put them by the lake
And show them what you do.

Between the air and the water we glide
If we get wet, it’s part of the ride
When you insert yourself into this beautiful picture
Check your heart: you’re part of a tribe

You must Rendezvous
Paddle with me and I’ll paddle with you
Let’s Rendezvous.

Well, I love to paddle alone
And when I’m in my boat I know I’m at home
But what could be finer than being with my soulmates
Down in Texas on an October night

Where we Rendezvous
Paddle with me and I’ll paddle with you
Let’s Rendezvous.

Sisters and brothers can you feel the flow?
Put your blades in the water
And let’s go.

Well, the lake just asked you to dance
And there’s a river calling to me
We’re living in a world that’s three quarters water
So let’s get busy.

And let’s Rendezvous
Paddle with me and I’ll party with you
Let’s Rendezvous
Let’s Rendezvous.

© 1995 Ann Derby
If we're lucky, maybe some day we can convince her to perform this song during one of our meetings...

The composer and
performer, Ann Derby