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Blast from the Past
John Rich
Ladies & Gentlemen:
I have continued to upload old HCC newsletters from the archive box, and now have finished loading 1980 through 1985 on the web site.    
Some of the interesting things you'll discover in the newest batch of old newsletters are:
  • The club had two canoes available for rent at $10 for the first day, and $5 for each day thereafter.
  • Member Larry Wild had paddled an incredible 489 miles in six months!
  • Signs were posted at Armand Bayou and several other public waterways which said "Join the Houston Canoe Club".
  • HCC sponsored a trophy for the 1st place novice in the Texas Water Safari.
  • An idea was put forth to publish an HCC cook book.
  • The club agreed to be a host for the Olympic trial events to be held in Houston in 1986.

All this, and much more, is available for your reading pleasure. 
Click the button link below to go see the documents - scroll down to the bottom of the Newsletter index list for the 1980's dates just loaded.  
I have also added one new item to the "Club History" page:
  • I discovered in the archive box an image of the official club pennant design created in 1964, of a bobcat portaging a canoe.  Go the Club History page, linked below,  and click the link titled "Founding of the Houston Canoe Club" to see that pennant. 
Climb into your HCC time machine, set the destination clock for 1985, and go!

("Back to the Future", 1985, with Michael J. Fox) 

Newsletter Editor, 
John Rich