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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Shed some light on TIRZ project" (Houston, TX)
"We're talking about 30 acres of Memorial Park that for decades has been known as the Old Archery Range, west of Loop 610 at the Woodway Bridge... This popular spot for the put-in of canoes and kayaks has been closed for two years so that a quasi-governmental entity you've probably never heard of - Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone 16 - could make some repairs..."
Complete story:
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Trooper borrows canoe to take fleeing suspect into custody on river"
(Duncannon, PA)
"State police say a bystander let a trooper use his canoe to apprehend a suspect who ran into a river after being hit with a stun gun..."
Complete story: PennLive
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"HFD crew searching for missing kayaker in Buffalo Bayou" (Houston, TX)
"Jason Boyle, 36, was last seen Friday night when he and a friend were kayaking in Buffalo Bayou. According to HFD, Boyle and his friend were kayaking around 9:30 p.m. when both their kayaks tipped over. The woman was reported to be OK but Boyle remains missing..."
Complete story: KHOU

"Body of missing kayaker found"
"Texas Equusearch says the body of the kayaker who's been missing for three days was found...
Boyle worked at a Midtown bar and enjoyed kayaking on Buffalo Bayou. Friends say he was on the water a couple of times a week..."
Complete story: KHOU
Entry contributed by Frank Ohrt.

"Houston teen dies from brain-eating amoeba illness" (Houston, TX)
"The teenager who fell ill after a swimming outing earlier this month with his high school track teammates has died. The family of Michael John Riley Jr. announced that the 14-year-old died after contracting a lethal disease caused by a brain-eating amoeba after swimming in the warm waters at Sam Houston State Park..."
Complete story:
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Autopsy Cites ‘Intentionally Removed’ Plug in Ruling Kayaker’s Death a Homicide"
(New York)
"The medical examiner’s conclusion is clear: Vincent Viafore, who the police say was killed by his fiancée during a kayaking trip on the Hudson River this past spring, was a victim of homicide caused by a “kayak drain plug intentionally removed by other..."
Complete story: NY Times
Entry contributed by Frank Ohrt & Honey Leveen.

"Kayak duo hit by whale" (Monterey Bay, CA)
"Two British holidaymakers have told of the moment they narrowly escaped death when a 40-ton humpback whale crash-landed on their kayak. Tom Mustill and Charlotte Kinloch were paddling off Monterey Bay in California when the whale suddenly breached and dragged them under water. Onlookers feared the worst as the pair disappeared from view..."
Complete story & video: Telegraph
Entry contributed by Honey Leveen & Frank Ohrt.

"Video Shows ‘Aggressive’ Hammerhead Shark Trying To Ram Kayaker"
(Santa Barbara, CA)
"A kayaker off the coast had his GoPro camera rolling when a hammerhead shark repeatedly tried to ram and bite his kayak. With only a paddle at his disposal, he pushed the shark away and made it to safety..."
Complete story: CBS Los Angeles
Entry contributed by John Rich.

Safety Reminder:
"Three fishermen rescued after canoe capsizes"


Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Buffalo Bayou: Houston’s Past, Present and Future" (Houston, TX)
"Have you ever wondered why the fourth largest city in the United States was founded on swampland 50 miles inland in a hot, humid, flood-prone region? It all goes back to Buffalo Bayou, a natural waterway wending 75 miles from the Katy Prairie to the San Jacinto River..."
Complete story: Rice University
Entry contributed by

"Texas kayaker snags owl while fishing" (Austin, TX)
"A Texas fisherman had an unexpected catch when an owl swooped down, snatched a lure and got caught on the hook. Garry Olson was in a kayak on Saturday at Lady Bird Lake in Austin and wearing a video recording device when the owl went for his lure......"
Complete story:
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Seven Reasons Why Paddling Makes You a Better Person"
"Spending time in nature makes us feel more alive—and that’s a good thing. Numerous studies have linked exposure to nature with increased energy and a heightened sense of wellbeing. “Nature is fuel for the soul,” reports University of Rochester psychology professor, Richard Ryan. “Often when we feel depleted we reach for a cup of coffee, but research suggests a better way to get energized is to connect with nature..."
Complete story: RapidMedia
Entry contributed by