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HomeNL-2015-10 2 Last Meeting Minutes
Last Meeting Minutes
by Frank Ohrt

September 9th, 2015
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Frank Ohrt 

Commodore Harmon Everett called the meeting to order, and asked that everyone please keep things moving, as there was a long presentation, and God knows we didn't want to aggravate the building superintendent. He then introduced the Club officers, and announced that Terri Morgan would be sharing the Fleet Captain duties with Paul Woodcock.


For the safety minute, the Commodore discussed heart attacks, and the need to know CPR. Frank Ohrt noted that there was a CPR class scheduled for the following Saturday, in the same building.


The Commodore again asked for volunteers to serve as officers for the following year.


Cindy Bartos gave a memorial for long-time club member Lilian Tigard.


The Purser left this month's report at home, but assured everyone that he hasn't been spending all our funds on liquor and fast women.

Boatswain Terry Herdlicka announced the following new members: Roger Hathorn, Joseph Reil, Craig Walker, Robert Elliot, and Diane and Hagen Miller. Visitors included Doug Marshall, Robert Trout, Clark Worthley, and Betty Jackson.


Paul Woodcock, the new Co-Fleet Captain, reported recent club trips, including a race on the Colorado River and the Sabine River Labor Day trip. Mary Zaborowski reported a Labor Day trip on the San Bernard. Tom Douglas reported a scouting trip on Cypress Creek, a trip on Lake Charlotte and the Trinity River.

Upcoming trips were announced, including the Neches River Rally on Sept. 12, and the Octpaddle Fest at Sam Houston State Park, Oct. 2-4. the Commodore proposed a river clean-up on the San Marcos, Oct. 25 or Nov. 7.
Newsletter Editor John Rich told some stories from the old newsletters archived on the club website (by Mr. Rich).


John Bartos, the Conservation Chair, announced a forum of mayoral candidates at the Herman Park garden center on Oct. 1, and asked members to attend and ask the candidates about their positions on the environment.

Ann Derby, John and Cindy Bartos and Louis Aulbach gave the monthly presentation on the history of the Southwest Canoe Rendezvous, for a while the biggest paddle sports festival in the country.
Ann Derby with
Rendezvous quilt
   John Bartos    Cindy Bartos   
Louis Aulbach with
25-year-old photo
of himself
The Commodore closed the meeting, and we went to Jax's for the usual food and adult beverages.

Recorder, Frank Ohrt