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Tutka Bay, Alaska
August 2015
Natalie Wiest

Despite two months on the road to, from, and around Alaska, I only managed one paddling trip, and I share it and some photos with you as a reminder there are cool places in the summer. Maybe this can give you a little relief from the heat too.

My trip originated in Homer where my brother Randy lives.



I love visiting with him there.  Not only does he have a freezer stocked with halibut, but also fresh caught salmon  and all the best toys including sea kayaks and the motorboat to take us across to the launching spot for a paddling adventure on Tutka Bay.


We set off from the Homer harbor and across Kachemak Bay, past Gull Island and its mega seabird colonies.

Our motor path took us through Halibut Cove, a popular destination with commercial service from Homer, and on to the west to Tutka Bay. The overcast you can see in the Gull Island photo turned to drizzle and a cool rain in the cove, very much like the conditions in Juneau and the southeast panhandle of Alaska. We were prepared for that, and enjoyed the wonderful view of snow-capped mountains with the mist rising up them as we paddled up the inlet.
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photo, full size 

Our trip only took us a few hours and here I am in a most enjoyable happy place:



If you can paddle out there, there is a lovely, moss-covered campsite available and signage that I found amusing.  Maybe there is some thought that campers can’t find that relief area in the woods:

Some day maybe you can find it too, it’s a beautiful place out in the wilderness. And it is cool too!

         Natalie Wiest

The author, Natalie Wiest