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Wanted: River Photos
Aug. 17, 2015
by Tom Goynes
Dear Houston Canoe Club:

I need to tell you about an opportunity to get some of your pictures posted on the web.

I was recently contacted by David Cazier with the National Weather Service. He s interested in getting some pictures of Texas Rivers to post on the NWS Facebook page. Here is his message:

I am looking for pictures of beautiful river locations all over Texas. The images should not have any commercial signs or people in the image. Along with the image attachment, we need a brief write-up on copyright owner of the image, date of photo and where it was taken. We also need permission to display the image on our Facebook page for an unlimited time. I actually will rotate the images frequently to keep the page looking fresh.

They can send me images via  with a statement about granting permission to use their river pictures for our Facebook posts from time to time.

Anyone can call me directly at 720-234-2528.

David Cazier

Here is a link to the Facebook page if you wold like to see where your pictures would go:

The author, Tom Goynes