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Blast from the Past
John Rich
Ladies & Gentlemen:
I have continued to upload old HCC newsletters from the archive box, and now have finished loading 1980 through 1983 on the web site.  I have also re-done some of the previous uploads, because I found a better way to scan them to eliminate some wavy grey background interference.  They are now more clear and legible with a white background free of corruption.  
Some of the interesting things you'll discover in the newest batch of old newsletters are:
  • A Rio Grande River trip over a Thanksgiving holiday, complete with a turkey dinner on a riverbank camp site.
  • Louis Aulbach is welcomed as a new first time guest to a meeting, who later went on to acquire enough expertise and knowledge to author several river guidebooks for paddlers.
  • A problem with trespassing on the Blanco River, citing law from 1800's Spanish land grants.
  • Kayak competition at the Astroworld "Thunder River" amusement park ride.
  • "Cruise for the Blind", where paddlers take blind people out in canoes on Armand Bayou.
  • A club child care exchange, where paddling parents could swap kids on weekends to free themselves up for river trips.
  • HCC's annual Fun Day, with competition events like the Mad Dog Sprint Race, Backwards Race, El Leapo, and the Greased Watermelon Race.
  • A "Single Paddler's" list, which was not about dating, but rather about people with tandem canoes who wanted to match-up with other tandem paddlers to fill their empty seat, so that instead of two people each paddling a tandem canoe by themselves, they could have one tandem canoe being paddled by two members.

All this, and much more, is available for your reading pleasure. 
Click the button link below to go see the documents - scroll down to the bottom of the Newsletter index list for the 1980's dates just loaded.  
I have also added two new items to the "Club History" page:
  •  The first is a 1985 version of the Club Constitution, which lists as one of the objects of the club, to "keep details, drawings and dimensions of hulls and rigs".  
  • The second item is an article from the 20th Anniversary newsletter detailing the founding of the Club.  Both are fascinating reading. 
Click the "Club History" link and look for the entries flagged as "new" in red:  
Enjoy your trip in the HCC time machine!
(H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine", 1960, with Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimieux)

Newsletter Editor, 
John Rich
Yvette Mimieux