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Hello Dolly!
Aug. 5, 2015
John Rich
   Terry with new dolly
At the August 5th Board of Directors meeting, a request was made for an expenditure of club funds.  There was a need for a wheeled cart to be used by the membership director (boatswain) to haul the boxes of materials in her care from her car into the meeting room, and back.  The boxes contain the club library books and videos, brochures, T-shirts, etc, that are all available at each meeting.  The boxes are heavy, and it is quite a burden to carry them by hand - it requires either multiple people or multiple trips.  So, the board approved the expense, a wheeled dolly was purchased, and the club Purser reimbursed Boatswain Terry Herdlicka in the amount of $30 for the dolly.  The cart is now club property and will be passed on with the associated membership director materials, to whomever may hold that office in the future.