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HomeNL-2015-09 San Marcos Cleanup

San Marcos River Retreat Cleanup
Independence Day, 2015
Harmon Everett

While it wasn’t a paddle trip, we took a trip to Tom’s Place on the 4th of July to help clean up after the Memorial Day floods.


Although there are still trees and the bathroom survived, About half the trees are gone.


The stumps have been mostly cut out in the main campground, but you can still see stubbs of trees in the back part of the campground, and the stumps are just shredded. These are some of the piles of debris


This is where the pavillion used to be.


Mike Pollard brought his chainsaw and worked on clearing one of the trees that had fallen.


Carl Gilson walking down to the now open path to the rapids.


The trees were bent and broken.


And the bark ripped off them.



A church group showed up to replace the roof



You pretty much have to take your own shade. Terry, taking a break.


There was lots of debris to be cleaned up.


On Saturday we went to Rio Vista to see the festivities. The water in the San Marcos was still pretty high.


Just another wonderful weekend on the San Marcos!


The author, Harmon Everett