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Boquillas Canyon Trip 2015
February 17-23, 2015

by Tisha Matticks

I have a little time on my hands...getting back to work the first week is tough!


We really did have a great time and Philip & I certainly hope everyone else had a wonderful time. Great Company makes for a wonderful, enjoyable trip! Some of us took dips in the river (No, not by choice :), yet the water was not cold, just cool. Some days we were in shorts and t-shirts.


We enjoyed our hikes, our motorcycle riding. Saw wonderful sights that we have not seen in years or we discovered new sights and old adobe buildings out in the middle of the desert.


Sophie along with her friend, Paulette, and I went across to Mexico (The Three Amigas). And rode Burros across the desert to the small town of Boquillas and had lunch at the local restaurant. Beautiful view of the river we were to paddle the following day.


I made "Carne Quisada" & Yellow Rice on Wednesday for those that arrived early. And I really enjoyed having everyone there to share our trailer made Gumbo Thursday night consisting of six meats, served with White Rice & my trailer made Cornbread with Bacon. A relaxing meal just before our 3 day river adventure!


A special thanks goes out to Paulette who was so kind to bring us a King Cake for desert....Great Idea....Gumbo & King Cake......Ahhhhh. Louisiana Cooking found its way up in the mist of Big Bend! Plus the bottles of wine that were furnished by Philip & myself, Sandy & David, Paulette and Sophie.


Thank you so much; Sophie, Paulette, Maury & Dave, Sandy & David, Dwight, Kent & Joe. We had a total of seven kayaks and two canoes. Great trip, great water, wonderful rapids and beautiful scenery.


Stay in touch for we will be planning a trip such as this each and every year. Some of our trips will consist of Paddling, Hiking, Traveling to Mexico or all the above.

Once again, we enjoyed our trip and all the company just as much!

Philip's photo albums: Album 1  Album 2  Album 3 


Tisha Matticks
“Remember-Think Safe, Paddle Safe”

Philip & Tisha Matticks