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HomeNL-2015-04 BB Regatta

Buffalo Bayou Regatta
March 7, 2015
David Jacobs

The HCC had a tent at the finish area, and I heard we made several new contacts.


HCC Tent

I got 10th place out of 50 men in the Solo Unlimited Male category, Saturday, March 7th. This is the best I have ever done!

David Jacobs drafting
behind Terry Davison

A friend of mine, Terry Davison, a more seasoned racer in a faster boat, got ninth place. He uses a heart rate monitor to gauge his speed, and usually paddles at 130 bpm. But since I had been practicing more than he, for this race, he had to bump it up to 150 bpm to finally catch me, about 2/3 of the way through the race. I followed in his wake for awhile, but he eventually pulled away, and beat me by about two minutes at the finish line.

Erin Magee, a long-time female racer, and the top finisher in the ICF K-1 Female category, passed me about 1/4 of the way through the race, but only beat me by about 7 minutes at the finish line.

Fellow HCC member Matt Bruns came in 9th in the Recreational Kayak Short Male category. Congratulations Matt!


Matt & David     Finish line

This was a 15 mile race. Here is a link to the race's home page:

Here is a link to the race results:

Photo album link (scroll down to photos):
My boat is in slides 26-32 and 1031-1037, as well as some others.
I think Matt Bruns is in slide 419.

The author, David Jacobs