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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"What Dallas can learn from Houston’s Buffalo Bayou" (Dallas, TX)
"How do you transform the flood plain of a neglected urban waterway into a grand public park and metropolitan gateway? Dallas has been struggling with this challenge for more than 20 years, making incremental progress on the Trinity River corridor while debating whether to burden it with a toll road. Houston, meanwhile, has spent that same time successfully remaking a 10-mile stretch of the Buffalo Bayou..."
Complete story: Dallas Morning News
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"Friends of the Brazos needs your help!" (Texas)
"We formed Friends of the Brazos (FBR) in 2005 primarily to try to block Brazos River Authority’s (BRA) unprecedented water rights application.  That legal and scientific battle has entered a new and expensive phase.  The bottom line is that the Friends owes our legal and science team about $25,000. A small price to pay to ensure that wildlife and people can continue to share the river with industrial users..."
Complete story: Friends of the Brazos
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"Can Ban in Texas Rivers" (San Marcos, TX)
"The San Marcos River has a can problem. There are way too many aluminum cans (and glass and plastic bottles) along her banks and on the bottom of her streambed. The source of these cans are the thousands of drunken tubers that float the river every day during the heat of the summer. They have proven that they are incapable of keeping track of their empty beverage containers. The motto, Drink It and Sink It, seems to apply to a large majority of these floaters.

The counties that border the San Marcos have tried valiantly to keep the river clean, but the problem is more than they can handle. The litter, especially the aluminum cans on the bottom of the river, keep accumulating at a faster rate than volunteers can remove it.

Other Texas communities have dealt with this same problem and have attempted different solutions..."
Complete story: Texas Rivers Protection Association
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"Solar-powered E-Kayak gives your arms a rest"
"Paddling lakes, bays and rivers by kayak is a rewarding experience, but it can also be quite tiring. That's why Klepper offers paddlers the benefit of a solar-powered electric drive in its E-Kayak kit. The paddler can kick back and let the small motor take over the forward-floating load. The design adds a little modern-day technology and convenience to Klepper's classic folding kayak..."
Complete story: Giz Mag
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Coast Guard halts search for missing kayaker" (Galveston, TX)
"The Coast Guard has halted its search for a 23-year-old kayaker who went missing Saturday afternoon after his boat capsized near South Deer Island. Alex Gallant was last seen around 10:30 a.m. Saturday wearing a blue rain suit and holding onto a dark green 16-foot kayak, according to a statement from the Coast Guard..."
Complete story: Daily News
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Frequent village visitor drowns in Surfside" (Surfside, TX)
"A 51-year-old surfer, David James of Spring, died Thursday when he drowned in the Gulf of Mexico off Surfside Beach, police said.  “He was an avid sportsman and waterman,” Davison said. “He was really fit and not the kind of person you think would drown.” James was seen heading into the water on a paddleboard. A witness told police he saw James fall off the board in the water and not resurface..."
Complete story: The Facts
Entry contributed by John Ohrt.

"Esquif Canoes going out of busines" (Canada)
"It is with great sadness that we announce today that Esquif Canoes Inc. has stopped operating Monday March 16th, 2014. Various elements forced Esquif to dispose of its assets and end production. For over 15 years, we worked hard to design and build the best canoes in the world and we want to thank all our customers and friends. Mission accomplished!"
Web site:
Entry contributed by John Ohrt.

"Anything That Floats Competition" (Houston, TX)
"The fifth annual Anything That Floats competition will be held in Downtown Houston at Sesquicentennial Park on Buffalo Bayou on April 25, 2015. Teams of two to five people are invited to enter. Teams will use their own tools and spend the morning constructing their craft out of discarded and donated building materials that are provided. Two members of each team must then test the seaworthiness of their creation in a race for time across Buffalo Bayou..."
Complete story: Rice Design Alliance
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