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HomeNL-2015-04 2 Last Meeting Minutes
Last Meeting Minutes

March 11th, 2015
Bayland Park Community Center
Substitute Recorder: Christy Long 
(Frank Ohrt is bird-watching in South America)
7:05-The Commodore, Harmon Everett, started the meeting by welcoming everyone. He introduced officers and invited attendees to meet at Jax’s for dinner, after the meeting. He explained the voting procedures for electing board members to a vacant position.

7:20-The Commodore presented the Safety minute-Encouraged all to fine tune balance through exercise and gave two examples: 1. Alternate standing on one leg for several seconds. 2. Walk several paces on low-rise beam.

7:30-Will Blumentritt shared his medical experience. He noticed a loss of math skills and went to the doctor where he was diagnosed with early stages of Dementia. He encouraged all to know the signs of Dementia and heed early warning signs.

7:40-February Meeting Minutes were approved.

7:50-Fleet Captain nomination-Mark Andrus Nominated Terri Morgan fleet caption, Janice Baker second the motion, and motion was approved by a show of hands.

7:55-The Commodore appointed Terry Herdlicka as Interim Bosun and asked for nominations from the floor. None were offered.

8:05-Purser Report-Bob Naeger submitted report to Harmon that budget was on track. Bob will roll extra money from bank account into CD at next opportunity.

8:10-Outgoing Bosun Terri Morgan- Introduced new members and visitors.

8:15-Fleet Captain-Terri Morgan- Asked for details from past trips. Tisha Ma
tticks reported on the multiday Boquillas trip. Matt reported on the Buffalo Bayou Regatta. HCC had several members enter the Race and the club had a booth. Sandy and Harmon paddled different sections of the San Marcos River during the San Marcos cleanup.

8:25-Terri Morgan announced upcoming trips that were on the event calendar.

8:30-Newsletter-John Rich-Demonstrated the website feature that tracks website views.

Matt Singer with
Harmon Everett
8:30-Harmon introduced the speaker from Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF)-Matt Singer, Land Stewardship Manager, at or 281.332.3381 x206. Matt explained the many ways GBF restores and protects Galveston Bay. Outstanding results from the many programs supported by GBF.  

9:00-Meeting adjourned.

Substitute Recorder,
 Christy Long