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Last Meeting Minutes

February 11th, 2015
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Frank Ohrt 
7:00 - The Commodore called the meeting to order, and announced both pre- and post-meeting dining options. He explained the proper steps for filling the vacant club officer positions (Fleet Captain and Bo'sun) and then introduced the current officers.

7:10 - The Commodore, Harmon Everett, gave the safety minute, concerning heart disease, and discussed the benefits of learning CPR, and taking CPR training regularly.

7:15 - The minutes of the previous meeting, though likely un-read, were approved.

7:16 - The Commodore requested volunteers for serving as interim Bo'sun. Terri Morgan was nominated for Fleet Captain.

7:19 - The Fleet Captain Emeritus, Dave Kitson, gave the 100 Miler and Trip Leader awards for 2014.

  Terri Morgan
7:28 - The Bo'sun, Terri Morgan, gave the membership report. Roger Olson and Tommy Britt were introduced as new members. Mr. and Mrs. Al Shimek were introduced as visitors.

7:36 - The interim Fleet Captain, Terri Morgan, reported on changes to the recording of racing miles, and called for trip reports, which were given. Upcoming trips were announced.

  Jim Blackburn
8:18 - Jim Blackburn was introduced as the evening's speaker. He spoke on the crisis in Texas' overuse of the surface water in rivers flowing in to the coastal bays and estuaries. It was alarming.

8:50 - The Commodore closed the meeting.

That's it. I'll be in northwest Ecuador for the next officer's meeting, chasing the Yellow-collared Chlorophonia and Purplish-mantled Tanager. Someone might send out an e-mail asking for a volunteer recorder. OK. I will. 
Francisco Ohrt

Recorder, Frank Ohrt