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Winter 100K Race
Jan. 24th, 2015
David Jacobs

The 2015 Texas Winter 100K Race (TWO) was from Austin to Bastrop, on the Colorado River, Saturday, Jan. 24th.

Here is a link:

Bruce Bodson and I participated this year. Bruce said he will also submit a trip report.

Harmon Everett and Terri Herdlicka came to cheer us on, and met us at the finish line.

They missed me at the 5 AM Adventure class start, because the race official wouldn't let me enter the Adventure class in a fiberglass surfski.

The course was straightened out a bit by high water, so the race was only about 60 miles, instead of 62 miles (100K).

I didn't quite get ready in time, so I started about 15 minutes late for the Competitor class race, and finished in 10 hours. This included two ½ hour breaks for food replenishment, necessities, and rejuvenation, at the two checkpoints. This also included time for about a ½ mile portage around Longhorn Dam, with the boat being carried by Ted, from work, and a local race volunteer. Ted provided my support for the race.

At 68 years, I was probably the oldest participant. I finished next to last in the Competitor's class, but

about ½ hour ahead of a girl who was probably in her 20’s. I was ninth from last overall, including the Adventure class, for a total of 23 boats.

The "Smile" picture (attached) shows my big smile at the finish line, and the hydration tubes from the two CamelBak bladders in the pouch behind me.

The "full view" picture (attached) shows more of the surroundings, the boat number, and the front light.


"Smile" picture       "Full view"

I like seeing the ducks in these pictures. Like me, they survived the day:

I heard gun shots and saw a group of hunters in two different duck blinds, with decoys in the water in both places.

I would cough or make loud sighs, whenever I heard gunshots nearby.

One hunter shot a duck just before I arrived, and their dog was swimming down river with me for a while, on his way to retrieve the downed duck, which was floating in the water.

Farther down river, I heard gun shots close behind me, from the opposite bank. They were apparently from a duck blind I had not seen!

Exciting highlights were:

  1. Running "Shiela's Devil Dam" (at mile "6.66") at high water, where the front half of the boat buried in the hydraulic wave and wave train after the drop.
  2. Seeing duck hunters and hearing gun shots along the river.
  3. Navigating a fast chute at one of the bridges, where construction constricted the river to a narrow passage.
  4. Seeing other HCC club members at the finish line. Thanks to Harmon for extending a hand to help me out of the boat at the finish line.
      Finisher's hat
    Getting a "Texas Winter 100K" knit hat at the finish line (picture attached).
  6. Getting delicious hot chili at the finish line.
  7. Making it to the finish line.

Race results are at:


I formated and sorted the results in the attached spreadsheet.

         - David Jacobs

The author, David Jacobs