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Angelina River Dam B Paddle and Camp Out
Dec. 13-14, 2014
by T
erri Morgan

A small group of us met at the Bevilport boat ramp, north of Martin Dies State Park in east Texas for a weekend of paddling and camping.   Once we transferred our gear from the car to the boat, we proceeded down river at a very leisurely pace, taking in the sights and sounds. This was my first time on the Angelina river.  It’s a pretty river and the fall colors were starting to turn.  The water was clear with a sandy bottom. Incidentally, this is a Texas Parks and Wildlife Paddle Trail that ends up at Martin Dies State Park.


Link: Bevilport Paddling Trail 


We paddled about two miles to our designated campsite, free of charge I might add, from the Corps of Engineers, and unloaded our gear. After selecting our camp sites, we set up our tents and had lunch. The site came with a picnic table, fire ring and lantern pole. What more could you ask for.
We spent the day relaxing and visiting.   As dusk approached, we started a fire and had a little happy hour and appetizers.  Mike tried his hand at chicken quesadillas and after the third attempt, he got it right. They sure looked good too.  We heard coyotes, owl hoots and raccoons in the distance.

The next morning the water was smooth as glass, which made for some nice pictures of reflections on the water.   After a yummy breakfast of tacos and juice, we paddled over to a lagoon and explored the area for a while.   We broke camp, loaded our boats and paddled the two miles back to the boat ramp, taking pictures and enjoying the scenery as we went.  It was a nice relaxing trip.
Link: Photo Album 

        - Terri Morgan

The author, Terri Morgan