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Terry Hershey Park
February 2015
John Rich
If you've paddled Buffalo Bayou in West Houston between Highway 6 and Beltway 8, I'm  sure you are familiar with Terry Hershey Park.  That's the linear greenbelt park that spans both creek banks alongside that entire stretch of the bayou.  You use that park for your put-in and take-out points along that section of Buffalo Bayou.
Terry Hershey Park: 

Have you ever wondered how that park got it's name?  Well, now you're about to find out.

The January/February 2015 edition of Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine contained a feature story about the amazing woman - Terry Hershey.  The story begins:

"One cause. One woman. Indomitable energy. It was enough to jump-start the Houston environmental movement in the mid-’60s and lay the groundwork for a generation of activists.

"Terry Hershey first got involved in what would become her life’s work in 1966. She and her neighbors observed a mess of fallen trees and bulldozed undergrowth along Buffalo Bayou and called county offices, expecting a remedy. She was outraged to learn that the Harris County Flood Control District and the Army Corps of Engineers were in the process of rerouting Buffalo Bayou without public notice. She was even more incensed when she realized officials planned to do nothing to stop the destruction.

"Hershey joined a fledgling organization called the Buffalo Bayou Preservation Association and soon became its most active member. She mobilized neighbors and community organizations. Hershey’s energy and persuasive style served her well in countless town meetings. She was quoted in the newspaper and interviewed on television, which continued to raise the profile of the issue and inspired many to get involved..."
You can read the full TPWD magazine story about Terry, here.
Terry became the founder of the Bayou Preservation Association, the watchdog organization for all 22 watersheds in the Houston area, many of which we paddle.  We have her to thank for helping to preserve the area waterways which we enjoy in our canoes and kayaks.
Terry Hershey:

The author, John Rich