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New Photo Albums
January 2015

The following are links to new photo albums that have recently been added to the HCC web site.  So if you haven't been checking the "Photos" page for updates, this will get you caught up on what HCC members have been doing.  Members are much better at posting photo albums than they are about writing trip reports...
Goliad Paddle Fest, Nov. 3rd, by Philip Matticks
Oyster Creek, Nov. 8th, by Philip Matticks
Colorado River, Nov. 8th, by Terri Morgan
Double Bayou, Nov. 17th, by Paul Woodcock
Turtle Bayou, Nov. 18th, by Dave Kitson
Cypress & Spring Creeks, Nov. 23rd, by David Risch
Cypress Creek, Nov. 23rd, by Joe Coker
Columbus Loop, Nov. 30th, by Paul Woodcock
Lake Pass, Nov 30th, by Joe Coker
Cypress Wonderland, Dec. 6th, by Joe Coker
Angelina River, Dec. 13th, by Terri Morgan
Christmas Party 2014, Dec. 13th, by Fraser Baker
Armand/Horsepen Bayou, Dec. 17th, by Paul Woodcock
Greens Bayou, Dec. 20th, by Paul Woodcock