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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"More trails coming to greenway dividing Montgomery, Harris counties" (Houston, TX)
"Spring Creek's white sandy beaches are lined with trees, some dating back to the Akokisa Indians, along with a plethora of native plants. It's a largely untouched haven with a diverse collection of wildlife. Over several decades, county officials and a conservation group have partnered to acquire property on both sides of the creek to keep it wild and free of development..."
Complete story: Chronicle
Entry contributed by Citizen's Environmental Coalition.

"A life on the water" (Houston, TX)
"Don Greene -- the lively outfitter who taught generations of Houstonians about canoes, kayaks and rafts, not to mention our underappreciated bayous -- died Aug. 18, after a short bout with pancreatic cancer. He was 66. He grew up playing on Brays Bayou, and was horrified to see it channelized and paved. In the 1960s, when a similar plan emerged for Buffalo Bayou, Greene joined Terry Hershey and other of Houston's first environmental activists in a successful effort to protect it..."
Complete story: Chronicle
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Water Wars: Pumping Water for Fracking Sparks Concern Along River" (Devil's River, TX)
"An ambitious water pipeline is set to bring billions of gallons of water each year to the oilfields of West Texas. Nine counties signed off on the plan to bring the water in for fracking and for water supplies. The water will make its way to West Texas from hundreds of miles away, where some question the pumping’s impact on the Devil’s River near Lake Amistad—near where the pumping will occur..."
Complete story:
Entry contributed by Linda Gorski.

"A swimming hole for Houston gets closer to reality" (Houston, TX)
"Could Houston have its own version of Barton Springs -- an enormous, beautiful swimming hole, right in the city, where people from every walk of life go to cool off? Developer Monte Large and graphic designer Evan O'Neil had turned a coffee-shop flash of inspiration into a website -- -- and were dreaming big. On a tract of at least ten acres in central Houston, they proposed creating a manmade swimming hole..."
Complete story: Chronicle
Entry contributed by

"Delays don't hinder spirit behind historic coffee building project" (Houston, TX)
"After some delays, renovations to downtown's Sunset Coffee Building are expected to be completed in May...  The property at the confluence of Buffalo and White Oak bayous is being restored to house a kayak, canoe and bike rental operation, loft-style office space and an event venue with a rooftop terrace.  "We expect it to be a great venue, and a great destination for cyclists, kayakers and anyone who wants to enjoy experiencing Houston's natural beauty and rich history," Houston First president and CEO Dawn Ullrich said.""
Complete story: Chronicle
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Port O'Connor Paddling Trail guides kayakers through coastal wetlands" (Beaumont, TX)
"Exploring the back bays of Matagorda Island is like wandering through a glittering, come-to-life maze.  The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department developed a statewide network of trails to guide kayakers through some of Texas' best paddling destinations. The 61st trail was recently unveiled in Beaumont, says Shelly Plante, nature tourism coordinator for Texas Parks and Wildlife..."
Complete story: Chronicle
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Adventurers of the Year - The Kayaker: Aleksander Doba" (Poland)
"People ask me how old I am, and I say, ‘I am not old! I am only 67 years young!'” laughs intrepid kayaker Aleksander Doba. On April 19, 2014, Doba, who is now 68, paddled the final stroke of his 7,716-mile transatlantic journey, docking OLO, his 23-foot kayak, in a marina in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The Polish native had departed from Lisbon, Portugal, on October 5, 2013..."
Complete story: National Geographic
Entry contributed by Honey Leveen.

"Committed canoeist dips his oars in all 50 states" (Wisconsin)
"When Chuck Gohs paddled his canoe in Santa Rosa Lake in New Mexico on Sept. 24. it marked a milestone. He had canoed in all 50 states. "It was sunrise," Gohs, 75, recalled while seated at his kitchen table in Twin Lakes. "It was absolutely beautiful. We knew this was the 50th state, so there was a little more excitement to it..."
Complete story: Kenosha News
Entry contributed by

"Kayaker found unconscious grateful to rescuers" (Oceanside, CA)
"At 79 years old, Sonja Van Hall loves to kayak. A regular in Oceanside both on land and sea, she is known to locals as the bird lady, the dolphin lady or the kayaker. For 13 years, Van Hall has gone out kayaking almost every week. Van Hall grabbed her kayak at the E-Dock as she normally did and set out into the harbor and out to sea. More than an hour later, the Oceanside Harbor police got a call about a woman floating in the water in her life jacket unconscious..."
Complete story: 10 News
Entry contributed by

"The Motions of Kayaking and Canoeing Recorded through Light Painting" (Ontario, Canada)
"Ontario-based photographer Stephen Orlando is fascinated with human movement and uses programmable LED light sticks attached to kayak paddles, people, racquets, and other objects to translate that movement into photographic light paintings. The act of recording motion on the surface of water surrounded by reflections creates a surprisingly unique effect, almost sculptural in nature..."
Complete story:
Entry contributed by