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HomeNL-2014-10 Buffalo Bayou

Buffalo Bayou
Dairy Ashford to Briarbend Park
Aug. 30, 2014
Will Blumentritt


2 days prior to the date for the trip, the weathermen had been predicting horrible weather for this trip (80% chance of rain all day).  But by morning of the trip, we had a perfect day – with not a drop of rain


5 Paddlers set out a little later than planned. Participants were Will Blumentritt. John Rich, Roy Willis, Greyson Knapp, and guest Dan Massingill.


We did encounter about 3 blockages. One was a pipeline above the water that was an easy go over. The second one required some significant sawing with my bow saw. John and I took turns with the saw as it was quite tiring.


We had a great time & lots of shade. It seemed that Briarbend park came all too soon.


Trip mileage was 8.79 miles.

The author, Will Blumentritt