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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Why We Love Nick Offerman" (Hollywood)
"Amidst the beautified bombshells and out-of-touch actors of Hollywood Boulevard stands a man who goes against the grain—the wood grain. When Nick Offerman is not playing burly and beloved Ron Swanson, his character on the hugely popular NBC television show Parks and Recreation, he is busy inside Offerman Woodshop building cedar-strip canoes..."
Complete story: Canoeroots Magazine
Entry contributed by Canoeroots Magazine.

"Derek Jeter's retirement gift: a kayak" (Tampa, FL)
"Yankee great Derek Jeter, nearing the end of his farewell tour, was honored by the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday with an array of gifts, among them a sleek touring kayak. Canoe & Kayak called the Epic 18X “The Derek Jeter Kayak,” since it was adorned with the Yankees logo, pinstripes, and the Captain’s iconic No. 2..."
Complete story: Grind TV
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Selling everything, Canadian couple travels 1,000 days in canoe" (Canada)
"A lot of people fantasize about selling everything they own and living a simpler life. One Canadian couple is making that dream a reality on the water. Pierre Pépin and Jennifer Gosselin embarked on a thousand day journey about two months ago, and is making their way around northern Michigan..."
Complete story:
Entry contributed by

"Happy Birthday Boundary Waters!" (Minnesota)
"The wheels were set in motion in 1902, when federal officials set aside a half-million acres in northeastern Minnesota, keeping it wild instead of offering it to homesteaders. But it wasn’t until 1964 that the U.S. government decided to add an official land management designation of wilderness for Minnesota’s famed Boundary Waters..."
Complete story: Grand Forks Herald
Entry contributed by

"Senator launches tour of district by canoe" (Lynchburg, VA)
"Sen. Tom Garrett, R-22nd, launched a three-day river trip from downtown Lynchburg, starting a journey that will take him some 50 miles by water. “You know, I’ve driven every single possible way there is to drive through the 22nd, but I haven’t floated it,” said Garrett. "This is an opportunity to see the beauty of nature and see the 22nd District in a way I wish more people had the opportunity to see it..."
Complete story: News Advance
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Alligator attacks canoer" (Tampa, FL)
"Andrea Reese won't ever forget her encounter with an alligator last month while canoeing on the Hillsborough River. The scars won't let her. Reese, who was visiting from Ohio, and canoeing with a friend, was bitten twice when the alligator leapt partway into the canoe. The bite on the thigh left her with about 15 punctures and slashes, some of them about an inch and a half deep, she said. The bite on the calf left three to four wounds..."
Complete story: Tampa Tribune
Entry contributed by

"Shark attack petrifies kayakers" (Massachusetts)
"A pleasant trip by two Massachusetts kayakers to check out some cute seals turned terrifying as the pair encountered a great white shark. Ida Parker and Kristin Orr, who describe themselves as experienced kayakers, say they were about 150 yards off shore taking pictures of seals when something came up from beneath and tried to take a bite out of one kayak, spilling both of them into the water..."
Complete story: Yahoo News
Entry contributed by Harmon Everett.

"Husband dies, wife survives 8 days after canoe capsizes" (Canada)
"A woman survived eight days in the northern Saskatchewan wilderness after her canoe capsized and her husband perished. On Tuesday, a float plane pilot spotted the canoe and the man's body on Kinosaskaw Lake..."
Complete story: CBC News
Entry contributed by

"Body of missing kayaker recovered" (Houston, TX)
"The body of a kayaker who went missing over Labor Day weekend in Cypress Creek is believed to have been found by Texas Equusearch volunteers, according to that group's founder... "Cypress Creek is very unforgiving and treacherous. Lots of logs, concrete, holes, and rebar," said Tim Miller, whose Equusearch group used SONAR equipment to locate the missing man..."
Complete story: Houston Chronicle
Entry contributed by John Ohrt.

"World's Biggest Paddle" (Canada)
"Columbia Wetlands Adventures owner Mark Teasedale wanted to do something unique to help advertise his business, and draw attention to the wetlands he loves. He does not recall exactly when the idea of building the WORLD’S BIGGEST PADDLE took root, but once Teasedale gets an idea, it usually takes off in a big way..."
Complete story: Canoeroots
Entry contributed by John Rich.