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HomeNL-2014-08 Kickapoo Creek

Broken Arrow Lodge and Marina
Kickapoo Creek
June 27-29, 2014
by Terri Morgan

The last weekend in June, myself and gal pals, Cindy, Diana, Jackie and Deborah all called in sick on Friday and took off to explore and relax at the northeast arm of Lake Livingston, specifically at the Broken Arrow Lodge & Marina on Kickapoo Creek. I had wanted to explore this area for a couple of years and finally had my chance.

The Broken Arrow offers RV sites, tent sites, restrooms, condos for rent, boat ramp and dock, jon boat rentals, a fish cleaning station, spotlight for night fishing, bbq pits and picnic tables. We rented a condo which had three double beds, a TV, a full kitchen and bathroom. All the comforts of home.

When we arrived Friday, we unloaded our gear, filled the fridge and set off for paddling, exploring and fishing. The water was muddy in some places and root beer color in others from the rain water runoff. Kickapoo Creek is one of the many creeks that empty into Lake Livingston.

Rocky Creek feeds in to Kickapoo Creek and it was here that we branched off and paddled about 2.5 miles to “the falls” where we got out and walked around to stretch our legs and explore the area a little. It’s a pretty area and a great swimming hole. As words cannot describe its true beauty, you’ll just have to come see for yourself.

We paddled back out to Kickapoo Creek and explored upstream a little way. Everything was pretty and lush with varying shades of green. We decided to head back and check on Jackie and Deborah who had rented a jon boat for fishing. Needless to say, the battery for the electric motor was dying and it was getting late, so we all headed back to camp to start dinner.

Everyone brought their own food item to grill and we all pitched in for sides; baked potatoes, corn on the cob, salad with oranges and poppy seed dressing.

Saturday morning breakfast was great as Deborah fixed some fabulous breakfast tacos with fresh cilantro, green onions and tomatoes.

After breakfast we packed a picnic lunch and piled back in the kayaks and jon boat for more exploring and fishing. We found several fingers and cuts that led back to who knows where and paddled as far as we could. The shade was very welcome as it was nice and cool with a breeze blowing.

We came across a duck blind in one area with abundant wildlife although skittish; butterflies and bees in another area and another little cut had a whole slew of nesting birds that weren’t too happy we were there. We decided to head back as it was getting late and we caught up with Jackie and Deborah who had caught several dinker fish, but nothing for the fry pan.

We fired up the grill with the help of a neighbor and his blowtorch and it was a fine fire indeed. We grilled our food and sat down for another fine meal. Afterward, we engaged in a card game and telling stories. That night brought a bonus to our trip as we were serenaded by country music singer Jason Allen and a fellow musician. They were playing a concert Sunday evening at the Broken Arrow which we could not attend as we had to go home so Jason and his friend, Preston played a little while for us gals Saturday night.

Jason frequented Kickapoo Creek as a youngster growing up. He wrote a song about it which is on YouTube along with some of his other hits like Mud Flap Girl. We bought some of his CD’s and a t-shirt and in turn, he gave me some moonshine. It was a good trade. Jason also performed at Freedom Over Texas this past July 4th but I suppose he was on a different stage although the schedule read he was opening for Jennifer Nettles. I was hoping to see him on the big screen.

After the music, we walked down to the water to fish a little under the spotlight and we were entertained further by the resident alligator that was swimming back and forth, round and round, chasing off the fish. He was really putting on a show.

Sunday we had time for a quick paddle with more exploring but there was still a lot we didn’t get to see. It was a nice relaxing weekend with good food, great company and lots of laughs.

Terri's photo album can be viewed here.

The author, Terri Morgan