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Oyster Creek - Moonlight Paddle
July 12th, 2014
by Tisha Matticks

Philip & I would like to personally thank you all for showing up at Oyster Creek.

Some of us did see the moon, but I sure hope you saw that double meteor dashing across the sky. A double white streak glowing within the clouds and what appeared to be very low. First time to have ever seen that in all my years.

After the paddle, some of us went to Denny's and some to Buffalo Wings. Great group of people. Making new friends and meeting old ones. Again, thank you so much for being part of our group of 33 paddlers that night; Terri, Cindy, Paul, Kent, Janice, Frazier, Sophie, Dwight, John, Darren, Destry, April, Que, Cameron, Chris, Liz, George, Michael, Sara, Mike, Pam, Gloria, David, Jim, Greg, Mitch, Lisa, Becky, Jeff, Diana, Ronald, Philip & myself, Tisha....

Philip & Tisha Matticks

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