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Houston, Texas

The Houston Canoe Club 

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Member Profile

Each month we feature a personal profile of one HCC member.  And this month is...

Milton "Skip" Johnson
Birthplace?  Poteau, Oklahoma

Age?  71

Marital status?  Married to Susie for 50+ years
Family?  One son, Mike, two granddaughters.

Occupation?  Semi-retired Architect

What other hobbies do you have?  Mainly boat design and boatbuilding,  Dabble in robotics.
How did you get started canoeing?  Built a canoe and started paddling when I was 16.
How many years of paddling experience do you have?  55

What boats do you now own? 
16' Larson runabout for waterskiing.
The homebuilts:
17' Bionic Log, video:
14' EasyB
12' EasyB
14' Experimental sailing proa
What is your favorite place to paddle?

Big Bend National Park, Texas.

With Big Bend map     Ready to shuttle   On the Rio Grande
  Contemplating a
friend's hull repair

Do you prefer a canoe or a kayak?

Small double blade canoe.

Do you prefer a single blade or double blade paddle?

Both, prefer double blade.

What do you like most about the sport? 
The freedom and self-reliance it encourages, plus the connection to nature.
On the Rio Grande River dinner Chatting with a Mexican
on the south bank
Skip's Easy-B boat
at Mariscal Canyon

What do you like least about the sport? 

What is an important safety tip?
Always stay hydrated, recognize your limitations.  And avoid exploding camp stoves.
Why do you paddle?
Because I can.

Rio Grande Broken paddle In tent

If you could do a fantasy tandem paddle with anyone you wish, with whom would it be?
Carter Johnson.  Carter Johnson is a superb marathon paddler, holds a number of national and international records, including solo Texas Water Safari record. Besides being a superb marathon paddler he's a just a good guy, not always a given with competitive paddlers. My wife is his unofficial "Texas Mom", he lives and works in California when he's not out setting records.
What was your best moment ever in a canoe?  

The first trip into Mariscal Canyon (Big Bend).

What was your worst moment ever?  

Paddling, it would be standing on the bank of the Intercoastal at the entrance to Baffin Bay knowing the only way to go on was to paddle to the lee of Mustang Island in gale conditions. 

Anything else you would like to say?
It's been a lot of fun.