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Last Meeting Minutes

July 9th, 2014
Bayland Park Community Center
Temporary Recorder: Harmon Everett 
Commodore Harmon Everett called the meeting to order at 7:10 and invited participants to the traditional social at Jax’s Grill after the meeting.

After introducing the officers and making the traditional plea for someone to volunteer as a meeting recorder, he introduced Mary Zaborowski (as if she needed an introduction) who spoke and demonstrated how to keep your pets safe on a paddling trip for the safety minute.

Mary Zaborowski   Bella models her PFD

Honey Leveen reported on the progress of the 50th Anniversary Celebration Committee, and announced that they were purchasing t-shirts ahead of the celebration, for people who would like to purchase t-shirts with the 50th Anniversary Logo to wear yet this summer.

The Bosun, Kenny Pape introduced the guests and new members. The Commodore presented the Purser’s report in Bob Naeger’s absence. The Fleet Captain, Dave Kitsen reported that halfway through the year, members of the club have taken 25 trips, and accumulated 2,200 miles. 6 people have paddled more than a hundred miles so far this year.

Joe Coker reported on the Summer Fling, and we used the wireless access to the internet to look at pictures from his photo album on the HCC website. Larry talked about the trip on Mac Lake. Cindy reported on the trip around Pelican Island, Sophie Lopez reported on Chocolate Bayou, and Natalie Wiest reported following the Water Safari paddlers down the San Marcos and Guadalupe to Seadrift. Mark Andrus commented he took his Seda Glider on the Pelican Island trip as a 25th birthday celebration for it. Having borrowed and paddled his Glider, I can agree that it is a sweet boat, well worth celebrating. If you have the opportunity to paddle it sometime, make the effort, as it is well worth it. Robert Langley talked about Week of Rivers.

John Rich talked about the Newsletter this month. This month’s Waterline is available on the HCC Website.

Mary Z and Paul Woodcock gave the presentation which described their several long wilderness treks in Canada over the years. Their first long trip was on the Bloodvein. They refer to it as their “Learning trip.” The next trip was on the Bloodvein and the Monigotagan, the next trip was on the Pigeon River and the Grass River, and the final trip was on the Hays.  As they told of near starvation, broken boats, and close encounters with near disasters, it was humbling to note that we mortals regard Paul and Mary as near paragons of paddling perfection, and yet their trips sound like they resemble trips that us normal people might make, and that we could aspire to, if we only manage to live through them.

Paul Woodcock      Paul and
Mary Zaborowski 

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm, although many members stayed around talking for a good while, and several more wandered down to Jax’s for more socializing.

Temporary Recorder,
Harmon Everett