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Lake Conroe Trash Bash
March 29th, 2014
by Mary Zaborowski

What ever your choice was for the Trash Bash Day, thank you for your support.
I went back to Cagle Recreational Area on Lake Conroe on Saturday March 29th, due to being in the Sam Houston National Forest, and Stubblefield Lake was part of this clean up. FREE camping for the weekend was great for everyone involved.

The organization
of sign-in and getting needed materials was excellent. Time line was given and back at Stubblefield Lake we divided into sections of this area. This lake is fed by the West San Jacinto River and had various coves and routes. The Forest Service gave us four camping spots which was good for ten tents each spot. Getting close to noon, that was our time to put all black trash bags at the bridge by the campground and head back to Cagle Recreational Area, were we were greeted by lots of hot dogs, chips, drinks and deserts.

James Graham and Patti Carouthers from SouthWest PaddleSports are very involved in help hosting, cooking, preparing the Hot Dog Roast and door prizes for everyone for this event. There was a call for anyone who wanted seconds, since there was plenty of food  provided for 500 people or more. While we ate, the numbers to the wrist band we had, was being called out. Several of us got door prizes. There was adult (ex $50 or $25 gift cards to Walmart) and children gifts as well.

A special visit from Smokey the Bear was one of the high lights of the day, including
all the trash we saw brought in piled in one of the parking lots to be hauled off by BFI Waste Management Company. After a filling lunch we headed back to Lake Stubblefield where some hiked on the trails, took hot showers, canoed toward the big lake area, fished, or simply crashed and took a good afternoon nap.

That evening we gathered around the campfire with a pot luck
of Chicken Fajitas, Spanish Rice, Tortilla Chips, Dips, Strawberry Cake, and the drinks of your choice.

Wonderful hearing all the voices taking about that day of the clean up, paddling,hiking, birding, and how many wanted to put this event on the calendar for next year. Every year there is a list of areas that need this assistance. Please make time and choose one. It really makes the difference to our outdoors and the wildlife we share it with.

Campers and Paddlers included: Mark Andrus, Milton Robertson, Ron Nunnelly, Terri Morgan, Connie, David Risch, Sandy Rushworth, Albert, Frances, Gabrella, Desiree Moyer, Kent Walters, Katie O'Neil, Paul Woodcock, and myself, Mary Zaborowski. 

Photo albums: Terri Morgan


The author, Mary Zaborowski