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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Ship Channel remains closed after oil spill" (Houston, TX)
"The Houston Ship Channel, where up to 168,000 gallons of oil were spilled after a barge and a tanker collided last weekend, will remain closed until Tuesday, Coast Guard officials said late Monday. Officials said they will evaluate on Tuesday whether to open the channel. Oil washed up on tourist beaches in Galveston Monday, two days after the collision, an official said..." .
Complete story: Chronicle
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Google cameras take rafting trip at Grand Canyon"
(Colorado River, AZ)
"Google has taken its all-seeing eyes on a trip that few experience: the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. The search giant partnered with the advocacy group American Rivers to showcase views of nearly 300 miles of whitewater rapids, towering red canyon walls, and rich geologic history. The 360-degree views that went live Thursday in Google's Street View map option once were reserved largely for rafters who were lucky enough to board a private trip through the remote canyon..."

Google RiverView link, here.
Complete story: Chronicle
Entry contributed by Honey Leveen.

"Death of fisherman stirs fears, rumors on the lake" (Lake Conroe, Texas)
"After a Tyler County man died from what a Huntsville hospital and Harris County forensic specialists confirmed was a “flesh-eating bacteria,” social media discussion and fear from fishermen around Lake Conroe have many afraid something in the lake may have killed a visiting angler. However, local experts insist not so, and evidence from the Centers for Disease Control appears to carry factual support for their opinion..."
Complete story: The Courier
Entry contributed by John Ohrt.

"Canoe thermoformers scramble for Royalex replacement" (Warsaw, IN)
"PolyOne Corp. is stopping production of Royalex sheet — the king of custom plastics for many canoe enthusiasts — leaving almost all hull thermoformers and many paddlers up the proverbial creek without a replacement material. A factory in Warsaw, Ind., that is the sole source for Royalex is closing this year..."
Complete story: Plastics News
Entry contributed by Steve Green.

"Humpback Whale Collision" (Norway)
"Berthold Hinrichs was paddling in Norway when humpback whales began surfacing right beside his kayak. "That day there were about 30 humpbacks and 50 orcas in the bay," says Hinrichs, who had his camera recording when a humpback surfaced at his side. "It did not capsize me, but [splashed] my camera and me," he says. Hinrichs was busy drying his camera when "it happend again and then I was on the back of the humpback"..."
Story with video: RapidMedia
Entry contributed by RapidMedia.

"Brothers paddle kayaks 7,000 kilometres from Brazil to Florida" (Victoria, Canada)
"When Russell and Graham Henry talk about their 7,000-kilometre kayaking expedition on the Atlantic Ocean, their audience wants to hear “something crazy” — about sharks and dehydration and ocean swells. But after roughly 200 days paddling from Brazil to Florida, the two brothers from Victoria prefer to talk about “that gnawing sense of dread..."
Complete story: The Province
Entry contributed by

"Beer Floating" (Finland)
"Beer floating (Kaljakellunta in Finnish) is an open Finnish summer event. In the event, the participants literally float on the Kerava River or on the Vantaa River from Vantaa to a downstream riverside beach in Helsinki. The participants use small rubber crafts while equipping usually nothing more than a paddle and loads of beer..."
Complete story: Democratic Underground
Entry contributed by Linda Gorski.

"Canoe: Icon of the North" (Ontario, Canada)
"'Canoe: Icon of the North' is a film that will inspire viewers through the story told by legends of North America’s paddling community, portraying the many important ways the canoe has and continues to shape our culture and heritage. This movie is being funded by crowd-sourcing from online contributors..."
Complete story: Indiegogo
Entry contributed by RapidMedia.

"Snow Kayak Racing" (Lithuania)
"Have you ever felt like sliding down a snowy slope with little control? If your answer is yes, snow kayaking might be just the sport for you. A keen bunch of like-minded people with no regard for their bodies took part in the annual snow kayaking race in Lithuania at the start of the week. No serious injuries were reported, but drysuits, helmets, and paddles are a must when navigating the hill..."
Complete story: MSN NZ
Entry contributed by

"Man dies in canoe accident" (Milford, NJ)
"Tragedy struck Milford waters Saturday; Jeffrey Young, 24, of North Caldwell, New Jersey, died at Milford Hospital after falling out of a canoe in Long Island Sound in Milford. The Milford Fire Department stressed the importance of wearing personal floatation devices and proper clothing for thermal protection when out on the water at this time of year..."
Complete story: Milford Mirror
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Paddlers navigate Buffalo Bayou during annual Regatta" (Houston, TX)
"More than 500 entrants floated their way downtown during the 42nd annual Buffalo Bayou Regatta. While the last group to leave the launch area at San Felipe dodged raindrops, earlier competitors got off with no major hitches. Hosted by the Buffalo Bayou Partnership, the 15-mile Regatta is one of the largest American Canoe Association-sanctioned races in the South..."
Complete story: Examiner
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Shark gives Florida student two-hour ride" (Orlando, FL)
"A hammerhead shark dragged a college student in his kayak up the Atlantic coast for a two-hour 'South Florida sleigh ride' that the kayak fisherman taped with a head-mounted camera and posted on YouTube. Adam Fisk, 22, posted a five-minute clip of his adventure titled "Lone Man Gets Towed for Miles in Kayak by 11 Foot Hammerhead Shark." At one point, Fisk dunked the camera into the water and recorded the shark swimming ahead of the kayak..."
Complete story: Yahoo News    YouTube video
Entry contributed by John Rich.