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Open Positions
Jan. 31st, 2014
by John Rich

Ladies & Gentlemen:


Vice Commodore Philip Matticks and Recorder Tisha Matticks have resigned their positions on the Houston Canoe Club board of directors.  They will remain active members of the club and we can see them on the water.  The club is grateful for their contributions to the membership during their tenure in those positions.
 Philip & Tisha
As a result of this, these two board positions are now open to be filled by willing and capable candidates.  If you wish to serve the HCC membership to support your love of paddle sports, now is the time to consider stepping up and volunteering for one of these positions. 
The following are excerpts from the Club Constitution which outline the duties of board members in general, and the roles of Vice Commodore and Recorder in particular.

Article VII: Responsibilities of Officers
Section 1: Board of Directors
Duties of the Board of Directors include:
1. promote and implement objectives of the Club;
2. set policies and rules with the advice and consent of the Membership;
3. authorize expenditures of up to five hundred ($500). Expenditures over five hundred ($500)
    must be 
approved by the membership at a regular or a special meeting;
4. approve deposits of Club funds in checking or savings accounts or appropriate investments,
    as  recommended by the Purser; and
5. conduct Club business between regular meetings.

Section 3:
Duties of the ViceCommodore include:
1. assist the Commodore in the discharge of his duties;
2. preside in the absence of the Commodore;
3. be responsible for a program at regular meetings;
4. post the General Meeting program to the website; and
5. maintain and keep current the documents of incorporation of the Club.

Section 4:
Duties of the Recorder include:
1. keep a log of the proceedings of General Membership and Board meetings;
2. maintain custody of all reports and documents connected with the Club;
3. conduct the Club correspondence; and
4. give notice of all special meetings.

For the complete Constitution, click
If you would like to be considered for the position of Vice Commodore or Recorder, contact Commodore Harmon Everett and let him know of your wishes. 

The author, John Rich