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Texas Winter 100
Jan. 25th, 2014
by Harmon Everett

Terry and Christy decided to do this race to help prepare for the Texas Water Safari this
summer. This 62 mile race was almost double the distance they had ever paddled before.


Preparing the boat at 4:30 am for a 5 am start. It was about 25 degrees F. Later I think it dropped a couple, and they paddled through freezing fog for an hour or two.
Carrying the boat to the start. Despite the cold, and the prospect of having wet cold feet for hours, Terry and Christy walked right into the water to embark in the boat. That may have been a mistake.
Getting ready for the start on Lady Bird Lake in Austin. GO!
A half mile down the lake, there was a dam they had to portage. Steve, Darron and I helped.
Part of the portage was through a pedestrian tunnel.
Will Blumentritt also paddled. He left a little behind Terry and Christy, but came into the first checkpoint about a half hour before them.
Here are Terry and Christy coming into the first Checkpoint at Little Webberville park, about 22 miles into the race, at about 11:30 AM.
It turned into a nice sunny day. But still cold. Getting resupplied and support from the support staff.
Christy says: “At the first check point at 11:40. My feet got really cold so I used the space blanket, which was mandatory gear, to cover my feet and legs. “
Steve was part of our support team. It was nice having him along.
Fresh water, a chance to use the port-a-potty and readjust equipment, and meet the support staff. Steve, Darron, Nola, Sonya and Harmon, and Terry's father, Elton and his friend Mickey all helped. If you are counting, that makes 4 generations of Terry’s family involved in this trip!
A-a-a-a-a-n-d THEY'RE OFF! Back in the game.
With a flurry of paddles, and moving water, going downstream in a hurry.
Will came in to the second Checkpoint about half an hour ahead of Christy and Terry, also.
A welcome sight to see them coming into the second checkpoint at the 969 bridge, about half an hour ahead of the cutoff time. That means they are paddling almost 4 miles per hour.
The last couple of hours of the race will be in the dark, so they have to rig headlights. And again with replenishing their water and liquid nourishment jugs.
Will came in along with Christy and Terry.
HAIL THE CONQUERING HEROES! Nola, Darron and Steve helping the boat come into dock.
Sea legs are a little unsteady trying to get out of the boat after 16 hours.
A warm welcome for the racer!
Hugs from the support staff. In this case, her daughter, Sonya.  But the racers are very tired. 
A warm cup of soup and a little walk to steady up from the race!
THE RACERS! Will finished at the same time as Christy and Terry. Kent started, but recently had surgery, and it acted up along the way, so he pulled out at the first checkpoint. Congratulations to all!  

The author, Harmon Everett