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100-Mile Paddler Awards
Feb., 2014
by Dave Kitson

Congratulations to all of the HCC members who paddled 100 miles, or much more, in the year 2013!  16 paddlers exceeded this milestone this year, compared to 7 for last year.

Name    Miles
Dave Kitson    257.9
Joe Coker    243.8
Terry Herdlicka    232.7
Harmon Everett    197.4
Will Blumentritt    195.6
Paul Woodcock    140.3
Christy Long    133.7
David Jacobs    131.6
Keith Williams    125.2
Kent Walters    120.6
Dwight Luedke    119.6
Philip Matticks    108.5
Tisha Matticks    108.5
Natalie Wiest    107
John Williams    102
Tom Douglas    100.1

You are encouraged to post your own trips, and participate in other's trips which are posted on the web site's Event Calendar. These trips are recorded throughout the year by Fleet Captain Dave Kitson, and an award presentation made to all those who have paddled at least 100 miles in HCC trips.

Trip leaders for the year:
Leader Trips led                Leader Trips led
Will Blumentritt 10   Kent Walters 2
Tom Douglas 10   John Ohrt 2
Dave Kitson 8   Paul Woodcock 1
Joe Coker 7   Mark Verret  1
Harmon Everett 7   Louis Aulbach 1
Philip & Tisha Matticks 5   Kenny Pape 1
Linda Shead 5   Ken Anderson 1
Natalie Wiest 4   John Bartos 1
Mary Zaborowski 3   Honey Leveen 1
Christy Long 3   Fraser Baker 1

Thanks so much for these trip leaders!  They led 74 club paddling trips this year, compared to 28 trips last year.

A list of the places paddled on HCC trips:
Albitrons Bayou           Lake Anahuac     
Armand Bayou    Lake Charlotte
Brazos River   Lake Pass
Buffalo Bayou   Luce Bayou
Buffalo River   Mac Bayou
Cagle Recreation Area   Miller Lake
Clear Creek    Oyster Creek
Colorado River   Pelican Island
Cut Off   Picketts Bayou
Cypress Creek    Sabine River
Double Bayou   San Marcos
Greens Bayou   Spring Creek
Guadalupe River   Turtle Bayou
Halls Bayou   Whites Bayou
Hidalgo Falls   Wiggins Bayou
Highlands Bayou  

Our playground

We paddled 3,389 miles as a group.  This is over one-third higher than last year!

Fleet Captain Dave Kitson's complete Excel spreadsheet member mileage log for 2013 can be viewed by clicking  here..
Note: This report includes only people, places and miles paddled on club-sanctioned trips.  It does not include paddling done by club members on non-HCC trips.  Thus, the activity level by club members is actually higher than what is shown here.    

Fleet Captain,
Dave Kitson