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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Can Buffalo Bayou Survive the Latest Plan to Save It?" (Houston, TX)
"December 1935: The water was everywhere. After the rains drenched the banks of Buffalo Bayou, it had nowhere else to go. It slopped over the smooth, tree-lined banks, filling the streets, covering 25 blocks of Houston's downtown business district as it hissed and rushed, moved and reshaped the city trapped beneath it. This was the flood that changed everything..."
Complete story: Houston Press
Entry contributed by Louis Aulbach.

"Judge overturns New Braunfels river can ban" (New Braunfels, TX)
"A district judge on Monday overturned the controversial New Braunfels disposable container ban. District Court Judge Don Burgess ruled in favor of local river outfitters and a beer distributor that the city does not have the jurisdiction to regulate disposable containers on the river. A summary judgment has been issued..."
Complete story:
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Texas Rivers Protection Association, Annual Newsletter" (Texas)
"I had a call, not long ago, from a fellow who was trying to reach the Texas Rivers Protection Agency . It turned out that he had reached the right organization, he just had the wrong name. We are not an agency of the State of Texas. In fact, we are a totally voluntary organization. So, I thought it might be interesting for ya’ll to hear the story from start to finish on how we were able to stop a bad water quality permit from being granted..."
Complete story:
Entry contributed by Bob Naeger.

"Canoe-makers losing key material for molding boats" (Warsaw, IN)
"Royalex is about to disappear. The material that revolutionized canoe-making back in the 1970s has lost its sole-source manufacturer. Royalex wasn’t perfect, but it was affordable, functional and everywhere.  Royalex had advantages over most every other material. It bounced off rocks better than wood or fiberglass, didn’t bend like aluminum, was cheaper than Kevlar or other fancy composites, and lighter and stronger than the plastics commonly used to mold kayaks. The manufacturer, Spartech, was bought out and the new owner closed the factory..."
Complete story: Missoulian
Entry contributed by

"Video: Snow Canoeing" (Asheville, NC)
"Don't try this at home. When Asheville paddlers miss liquid H2O they get creative. No lifejackets are needed for this extreme sport, but put on a helmet—you'll see why!"
Complete story:
Entry contributed by RapidMedia.

"The river was my teacher" (Everett, WA)
"It wasn't the easiest spiritual experience, but Rev. David Ellingson said his 2,200-mile kayak trip down the Mississippi River last year was plenty profound. "The river was my teacher," he said. "The biggest lesson I learned is I'm not in control..."
Complete story: HeraldNet
Entry contributed by

"Canoe Hunter" (Cincinnati, OH)
"Twelve months, a dozen countries and a nearly lost art learned in each. It was a dream come true for Cincinnati-native Will Meadows, 23. In fall 2012, Meadows embarked on a yearlong quest to visit indigenous canoe building masters around the world and learn their techniques..."
Complete story: RapidMedia
Entry contributed by RapidMedia.

"Canoeing a Continent" (Europe)
"After more than five months on the water, expedition team Canoeing The Continent reached its goal of Istanbul on day 146 of their journey, after traversing almost 5,000 kilometers. The two British paddlers, James Smith and Nathan Wilkins, began their ambitious voyage on the Atlantic coast of France, with the goal of reaching Istanbul by connecting waterways and without portaging..."
Complete story: RapidMedia
Entry contributed by

"Man who terrorized families in BWCA" (Ely, Minnesota)
"The dramatic chase was the latest run-in between authorities and Lakner, an Ely resident with a history of law breaking in the BWCA that includes a 2007 rampage so severe it got him banned from the wilderness for five years. He and five other young men terrorized a vacationing family, demanding that the campers get off “their land,” firing off an assault rifle in their campsite and threatening to rape and kill them..."
Complete story: Star Tribune
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Man appeals conviction in boy's boat death" (Boston, Massachusetts)
"The details of the boating crash were haunting: A power boat slammed into a man and his 10-year-old son fishing from a kayak, killing the boy. Prosecutors said the boat driver, Steven Morse, was impaired by alcohol and marijuana when he hit Gus Adamopoulos and his father. Morse contended that he was temporarily blinded by a sun glare off the lake while pulling a friend on water skis. Next month, the state's highest court will be asked to consider whether Morse's convictions for misdemeanor homicide by vessel should be overturned..."
Complete story: Chronicle
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Ocean sports surging in popularity" (Santa Maria, CA)
"A growing number of fitness seekers are turning to the great outdoors. Paddles in hands, they’re taking up kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, kayak fishing, canoeing and outrigger canoe racing in unprecedented numbers..."
Complete story: TimesPressRecorder
Entry contributed by

"Kayaker attemps second Atlantic crossing" (Poland)
"Retired engineer Aleksander Doba is not your typical retiree. Rather than settling down, the 67-year-old Polish kayaker launched his second trans-Atlantic paddling voyage. This time it was a 4,700-mile journey from Lisbon, Portugal to New Smyrna Beach, Florida USA..."
Complete story: Examiner
Entry contributed by