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Last Meeting Minutes

January 8th, 2014
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Tisha Matticks 

Commodore: Harmon Everett
Introductory of all HCC Board Members
A committee to help organize and plan for the 50th Event has been formed.
Several people have already signed up on the Texas Water Safari for 2014.

Safety Minute: Bob Naeger
Talked about species, zebra mussels, etc. that have originated elsewhere and have now been sighted in the Texas Waters. Currently nineteen (19) counties have enforced the boating & fishing industry. Boats must be drained and dried when exiting waters in these counties. Texas Park & Wildlife has an open comments line to extend the same enforcement to approximately 30 counties. Don’t panic, just beware!

Vice Commodore: Philip Matticks
Introduction of the Guest Speakers:
Afterwards was presented with an appreciation award for being a volunteer speaker.

With great appreciation, the following member of HCC participated in presenting his presentation of. 
Paul Woodcock…….Shared his amazing trips throughout the years with HCC from the Rio Grand River to the Hudson Bay.  Explained how some states have water passage laws of transpassing once one steps out of the waterway Onto private land; regardless if it’s for a portage or lunch break…AGAINST THE LAW IN SOME STATES!!

Recorder: Tisha Matticks
The general meeting members are granted the opportunity to vote on acceptance or none acceptance of the minutes.
The minutes for November were approved & recorded by Ms. Matticks.
The minutes for December are not available; HCC Xmas Party took the place of the monthly General Meeting.

Financial Report-Treasurer: Bob Naeger
A proposed budget was presented to the general meeting again during the month of November.

    Year End Balance for 2013

        a) Checking Account……..$4,679.00
        b) CD Account…………….$4,050.00

    Expenses; $2550.00
    Income; $2705.00

Voted and accepted by Janice Baker, 2nd by Kent Walker.

ACA is requesting annual Waiver from each and every HCC Member to be on file.  Any and all HCC Members are expected to sign a Waiver to forward onto Bob Naeger so that he may forward it onto ACA in order to be in compliance with ACA regulations.  Regardless, if each member already pays dues and signs a Waiver directly with ACA. HCC must present the Waiver on each member’s behalf in order to have insurance coverage for that member on any future trips or events.

Boatswain: Kenny Pape
A welcome introduction of New Members, Repeat Members & Guest Visitors.
New Members; Mike Messer & Frank

Newsletter: John Rich 
The meeting was running long so John forfeited his speech to yield additional time for Paul Woodcock’s Presentation.  

Conservation; John Bartos
Not present at the meeting, however, his lovely wife, Cindy, was present. ….no updated news to report at this time.

Webmaster: Greg Walker
Not present at the meeting, Greg has moved to LaGrange, TX; however, for now Greg has agreed to continue the great job he has done thus far with HCC Website.

No current changes to the website to report at the present....We appreciate the great job!

Fleet Captain: Dave Kitson
100 Mile Paddlers; 16 (2 have more than 200 miles each)
Total miles to report; 3,894
Total trips to report; 66

A tally of how many trip leaders are also being recorded.  Always looking for more trip leaders.

Past Trip Reports:
    • Cypress Creek (November 23rd)
    • Lost River Exploration (November 24th)
    • Brazos Buzzard Run (November 27th)
    • San Marcos Slow Paddle (November 27th & 28th)
    • Columbus Loop (November 30th)
    • Cypress Wonderland (December 7th)
    • Dickenson XMAS Lights & Potlock (Cancelled)
    • Halls Bayou (December 11th)
    • Armands Bayou (December 14th)
    • Guadalupe Marathon (Postponed)
    • Highlands Bayou (December 22nd)
    • Greens Bayou (December 28th)
    • Armands Bayou (January 12th)
    • San Marcos Poling Trip (January 18th)
    • TWS Paddling Clinic (January 18th)
    • TX Winter 100 (January 24th & 25th)

Upcoming Paddle Trips Discussed: 
    • Boquillas Canyou-Big Bend Nat’l Park (February 14, 15, & 16 of 2014)

Open Floor Discussions:
Honey Leveen & Ann Derby presented the artwork to the General Meeting in the form of a white t-shirt and white jacket. Both 80% cotton. Honey mentioned that at the holiday party; the general members voted on which logo they liked better.

Kenny Pape announced that he would be more than happy to join anyone on the water that are wanting to learn about paddle techniques. New Member discussed that he just joined last month and made a 6 mile run on Simms Bayou.

Ken Anderson bought in a guest to discuss his upcoming trip in April.

Harmon Everett spoke and presented a power point map of the Guadalupe to show the GPS movement of the SPOT.  

Social Meeting Dinner(s):
A reminder to all members &/or visitors; several people will join the members every month for an earlier dinner. (A different venue each month.)
Then there are those that can’t meet that early and will join other members at an after-the-meeting dinner each month at Jax’s Grill Restaurant.

SPECIAL NOTICE: 50th Anniversary Year

Searching for volunteers to assist our committee members to help participate for a spectacular 50th Anniversary Event!

Searching for past members, present members that will have pictures, video, news clippings, etc. to share with HCC for our 50th Anniversary of the Houston Canoe Club this year. The Official 50th Anniversary Event will take place during the month of October 11th of 2014.

Fred Hurd, a founding member of the Houston Canoe Club in 1964 has passed away. Several current members knew Mr. Hurd. He was one of the original members that started the Water Safari. Fred Hurd was a retired pilot and turned 91 years of age one day before his passing…..He will be missed by many!  
“Remember, Think Safe, Paddle Safe”  

Recorder, Tisha Matticks