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The Houston Canoe Club 

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Member Profile

Each month we feature a personal profile of one HCC member.  And this month is...

Harmon Everett 
HCC Commodore

Birthplace?  Michigan

Age?  59

Marital status?  Divorced

3 grown daughters. One lives in Madison, WI, on one of the lakes downtown, and has her own kayak.
My three daughters
and a quilt I made
   Daughter Becca at
Enchanted Rock
   Daughter Anna at
Buffalo Bayou

Technical support for the IT department at Johnson Space Center.

What other hobbies do you have? 
Reading, bicycling, writing, quilting.

How did you get started canoeing? 

My dad had two canoes when I was growing up, and taking them out for a Sunday paddle happened about once or twice a month.

How many years of paddling experience do you have?  

I think there is a picture of me with my parents in a canoe when I was 3 months old. But I wasn't paddling then. I guess as soon as I could hold a paddle.

Running rapids on
the Pecos
    Upside down at
Hidalgo Falls
   Before going
    Terry and her

What boats do you now own? 
A Dirigo 120, 12 foot kayak, and a 14 foot kayak I bought from Carl Gilson.
What is your favorite place to paddle?

On the Water.  There are so many - Buffalo Bayou, San Marcos River, South Llano, Inks Lake, Colorado River (Texas), Pecos River. Hidalgo Falls.  In Michigan - Lake Michigan, Au Sable River, Tahquamenon river, Boardman River; Boundary Waters - Minnesota and Ontario.

Do you prefer a canoe or a kayak?

They both have their advantages and disadvantages.  For rescuing someone who has broken through the ice on a lake in the winter, definitely a canoe. For a long trek down a river with portages, definitely a canoe. For recreational solo paddling on an afternoon, I like a kayak.  


Do you use a single blade or double blade paddle? 
Depends on which boat I'm in.
What do you like most about the sport? 
Quiet closeness to nature. The rhythm of being on the water in a small boat.
What do you like least about the sport? 
Driving to and from the put-ins and take-outs, and cleanup afterwards.

Linda and Eloy
Arredondo on the
South Llano
    Kevin on
Buffalo Bayou
   John and Terry on
their way to winning
their division in this
year's Regatta
    Keith standing at
Hidalgo Falls

What is an important safety tip?
Checklists, and think about and practice emergency responses.
Why do you paddle?
Recharge my sense of well being and happiness.
If you could do a fantasy tandem paddle with anyone you wish, with whom would it be?
My sister Linda, who works for the National Forest Service in Alaska.
What was your best moment ever in a canoe?  

In the Boundary Waters, we rounded a corner and up ahead there was a clear-weather water-spout about 150 -200 feet high. There were no clouds associated with it, the sun was shining on it, and each drop sparkled like a crystal.

What was your worst moment ever?  

On one Sunday paddle on the Looking Glass River in Michigan, as we were finishing up and getting to the take-out, a vicious storm blew up, and a tornado struck about a quarter of a mile away. The lightning and thunder were almost continuous, the rain was blanketing so thick we could hardly see, and we were in aluminum canoes, trying to get to the take-out and the


Anything else you would like to say?
See You On The Water!