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Last Meeting Minutes

November 13th, 2013
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Tisha Matticks 

Commodore: Harmon Everett

Voting for took place to elect the upcoming Officers for the New Year of 2014.

Searching for past members, present members that will have pictures, video, news clippings, etc. to share with HCC for our 50th Anniversary of the Houston Canoe Club next year. The Official 50th Anniversary Event will take place during the month of October of 2014.

Fred Hurd, a founding member of the Houston Canoe Club in 1964 has passed away. Several current members knew Mr. Hurd. He was one of the original members that started the Water Safari. Fred Hurd was a retired pilot and turned 91 years of age one day before his passing…..He will be missed by many!

Safety Minute: Harmon Everett

When paddling solo, be aware of your paddling abilities. Harmon shared a video out of Europe. A paddler was trapped in between rocks. His head was under water; his head created a waterfall. Fortunately, this paddler had some paddle buddies to assist in his rescue……Safe and now worldwide news.

Unfortunately, on another brief discussion of another paddler; she paddled solo among rapids and in this case, the paddler did drown.

Lesson Learn; Avoid paddling solo in case the unexpected requires the assistance of another paddler.

On another note, “White Water Rescue” was offered; several members showed up and learned new and old lessons. Last month’s flood on Halloween flooded Tom Goyne’s place and Shady Grove is offering FREE CAMPING for anyone that shows up to assist in the clean-up.

Vice Commodore: Philip Matticks

Introduction of the Guest Speakers:

With great appreciation, the following members of their HCC participated in November’s Open Mic General Meeting. 

Milton Johnon…….Buffalo River, Arkansas 
Bob Naeger……….Dead River & Nash Stream, Maine
Joe Coker…………Lake Charlotte, Texas

Recorder: Tisha Matticks

The general meeting members are granted the opportunity to vote on acceptance or none acceptance of the minutes. The minutes have been approved, second by Janice Baker and recorded by Ms. Matticks.

Tisha requested to take advantage of the Wi-Fi at the general meetings and starting January to display the Newsletter/Minutes on the screen for the general members to view&/or read before taking a vote on the minutes.

Financial Report-Treasurer: Bob Naeger

A proposed budget was presented to the general meeting during the month of October. Now a motion has been moved to accept the budget for 2014 and second to accept.

Expenses; $2600+
Income; $2800+ (Most are member dues)
Highlights; 50th Anniversary Budget (Allocate $500 for activities.)
Bank has been building in the past two years.

ACA is requesting a Waiver from each and every HCC Member to be on file.  Any and all HCC Members are expected to sign a Waiver to forward onto Bob Neager so that he may forward it onto ACA in order to be in compliance with ACA regulations.  Regardless, if each member already pays dues and signs a Waiver directly with ACA. HCC must present the Waiver on each member’s behalf in order to have insurance coverage for that member on any future trips or events.

Boatswain: Honey Leveen

A welcome introduction of New Members, Repeat Members & Guest Visitors.
Kenny Pape has been appointed to be the new Boatswain.
Guest-Sally R…first time comer.
Don’t forget to pick-up HCC Business Cards & Bumper Stickers.

Newsletter: John Rich 

The meeting was running long so John forfeited his speech to yield additional time for the trip report presenters.  

Conservation; John Bartos

Webmaster: Greg Walker

Not present at the meeting, Greg has moved to LaGrange, TX; however, for now Greg has agreed to continue the great job he has done thus far with HCC Website.

No current changes to the website to report at the present....We appreciate the great job!

Fleet Captain: Dave Kitson

100 Mile Paddlers; 10 (2 have more than 200 miles each)
Total miles to report; 3,380
Total trips to report; 56

A tally of how many trip leaders are also being recorded.  Always looking for more trip leaders.

Past Trip Reports:

• Friends of Sargent Library Fun Run-JW Ramsey (October 12)
• Cypress Creek-Tom Douglas (October 27)
• Goliad-Philip & Tisha Matticks-November 02 & 03
• Corpus Christi-Ken Johnson-November 02 & 03 (Not an official HCC Trip)

Upcoming Paddle Trips Discussed:  

• Double Bayou (November 16th)
• Cypress Creek (November 23rd)
• Lost River Exploration (November 24th)
• Brazos Buzzard Run (November 27th)
• San Marcos Slow Paddle (November 27th & 28th)
• Columbus Loop (November 30th)
Open Floor Discussions:

Regarding the Safety Minute; Know your equipment and either familiarize yourself or get informed as to where you are about to paddle. Right Equipment & Practice to assist others in rescues is always wise.

John Bartos shared with the general meeting of some of his friendship memories of knowing Mr. Fred Hurd. Tom Douglas also shared some memories of Mr. Hurd’s doctor warning him about canoeing…..but he still canoed.

Member inquired about the Website having the capability to run a profile on subjects? Answer… Any questions regarding the Website, please email Greg Walker and we are certain that Greg would be more than happy to answer any questions your may have regarding the HCC Website.

Xmas Party;

Looking for Volunteers to assist in the set up and break down of the party. A Run-Off Election will be held on this same date in the hallway. We were planning to have an Auction in the hallway, but with the Run Off Election going on, we are now limited to the space. Auction will be put on HOLD till next year 2014.

Officer Election Nomination

Starting January of 2014; With exception of Honey Leveen, all other officers serving on the 2013 HCC Board will return for another year to volunteer their services as the 2014 HCC Board Members.

Kenny Pape will be replacing Honey Leveen for the year 2014.

All Nominations were put to a voted for acceptance of slate panel displayed on the screen and motion was moved to accept and second by the general members of the meeting.

Social Meeting Dinner(s):

A reminder to all members &/or visitors; several people will join the Boatswain-Honey Leveen every month for an earlier dinner. (A different venue each month.)

Then there are those that can’t meet that early and will join other members at an after-the-meeting dinner each month at Jax’s Grill Restaurant.


“Remember, Think Safe, Paddle Safe”


Recorder, Tisha Matticks