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Proposition 6
November 5th, 2013
by John Rich

On Nov. 5th, Texans will be going to their local polling stations to cast votes on a number of propositions that would alter the Texas state constitution.
One voting item in particular is of great importance to water organizations all over the state. Proposition 6 proposes to take $2 billion from the rainy day fund and use it to create the State Water Implementation Fund Texas (SWIFT) and the State Water Implementation Revenue Fund Texas (SWIRFT). These two funds will be endowed with the ability to make loans to entities creating water projects outlined in the State Water Plan. Projects will focus on conservation and reuse, desalination of groundwater and seawater, and the building of new infrastructure like pipelines, reservoirs, and well fields.


There is no additional cost to taxpayers should this proposition pass, and the funds are set up to be self-perpetuating. As loans are paid back with interest, that money is able to be loaned out again for other projects.

There are a variety of opinions out there on the internet explaining the pros and cons of this legislation.  Do your own research to become well informed, and then vote according to your conscience.

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John Bartos, HCC's Conservation Chairman, has this to say about Proposition 6:
Texas is still in one of its most devastating droughts in modern times.  Many of our reservoirs are at historic low levels.  The State has to continue to not only plan for the future water needs of Texans but to start doing something about this problem.  The Bill behind the Proposition, requires that no less than 20 percent of the funds used will go toward conservation, reuse or education.  While the $2B available is a lot of money, keep in mind that it is just a small part of the $54B of infrastructure identified as needed over the next 50 years in the state.  Passage of this constitutional amendment will be a strong start for some projects that need to start soon. Sometime we need to invest toward our future.  While all of this proceeds, it is important that we all continue to advocate for environmental flows to keep our rivers alive and paddleable and for freshwater inflows into our bays to sustain our valuable estuaries. Stay in touch with this issue and express your opinion to your elected officials.  Vote for Proposition 6 on November 5.
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Prop 6 info and FAQs from the Texas Water Development Board: here

Note: Texas' new voter I.D. law is in effect, and you will need to bring an official photo I.D. with you to the poll to vote.
John Rich    John Bartos