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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Best Place to Canoe - Buffalo Bayou" (Houston, TX)
"More and more locals are catching on to the splendor of Buffalo Bayou, one of the few central Houston waterways that remain unpaved and in a near-natural state. Put your boat in near Voss and Woodway and paddle past the regal backyards of Memorial Bend and River Oaks, where the bayou is wilder and you'll have a better chance of seeing a gar or a great blue heron... Trust us, you haven't seen a Houston sunset until you've seen it reflected off the buildings of downtown from the water of Buffalo Bayou..."
Complete story: Houston Press
Entry contributed by Louis Aulbach.

"Public has stake in changes for Houston's waterways" (Houston, TX)
"The Memorial Park Demonstration Project on Buffalo Bayou is either an earth-churning mistake that will severely impact a much-beloved parcel of Houston's core identity or the last word in sustainable erosion control, depending on what side of the bayou divide you occupy. The Harris County Flood Control District has proposed the Demonstration Project for a 1½-mile segment of Buffalo Bayou beginning near the South Picnic Loop in Memorial Park and ending near the Hogg Bird Sanctuary. The banks of Buffalo Bayou would be either cut or filled along about 80 percent of the segment length, with consequent vegetation removal. Meanders would be re-aligned. One major meander would be plugged, re-routed and the abandoned meander filled..."
Complete story: Houston Chronicle
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Clear Creek Paddle Race" (League City, TX)
"The Clear Creek Paddle Race is set for November 16, 2013 at Countryside Park! All races (Junior’s, Men’s, Women’s) will be approximately 5 miles in length. Entry fees are $10 per person for all ages..."

Also, about 5-10 volunteers are needed to help at the race with registration before the race, and timers at the finish line. If you are not able to race in the event please consider helping us out to be a volunteer.
Complete story:
Entry contributed by John Orsag.

"TCEQ Takes Private Property" (Texas hill country)
"Landowners in the western Hill Country have been alarmed by recent reports that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is re-classifying certain non-navigable streams as navigable, thereby converting private property to state land and opening it to the public. For landowners, this classification is critical because Texas law grants the public a right to use navigable streams. This right of free use and movement approves recreation as a lawful use of navigable streams..."
Complete story: Hill Country Alliance
Entry contributed by Tony Plutino.

"Texas USGS Threatened and Endangered Stations" (Texas)
"The U.S.Geological Survey (USGS) will discontinue operation of up to 375 streamgages nationwide due to budget cuts as a result of sequestration. Additional streamgages may be affected if partners reduce their funding to support USGS streamgages. The USGS is working to identify which streamgages will be impacted and will post this information as it becomes available. Streamgages are used nationwide to predict and address drought and flood conditions by monitoring water availability..."
Complete story: USGS
Entry contributed by Mark Boyden.

"Pumpkin paddlers race giant gourds" (Nova Scotia)
"Pumpkin paddlers took to the water, vying for the chance to race their massive gourds in the annual Pumpkin Regatta in Nova Scotia. The annual festival kicked off Sunday morning with a sprint canoe/kayak race, followed by a parade of paddlers. There are a variety of different races - all involve participants getting inside hollowed-out giant pumpkins and either paddling or motoring them across Lake Pesaquid..."
Complete story: CBC News
Entry contributed by

"Shutdown sinks Scout troop's canoe trip" (Jackson, MS)
"It’s a painful civics lesson for teen members of Boy Scout Troop 1 in Jackson. Their long-awaited, high-adventure canoe trip to the Buffalo River in northwest Arkansas set for this weekend has been capsized by the government shutdown. The picturesque river is the centerpiece of the Buffalo River National Park. “When I called the park outfitter, he told me that because it’s a national river, it’s shut down. Not only is it shut down, but they’ve erected barricades to all of the landings, and there’s a substantial fine if they catch you on the river..."
Complete story: Clarion Ledger
Entry contributed by

"Standing Waves: Meet The Creature" (Grand Junction, CO)
"Billing its unusual creations as the best whitewater rafts ever built, Creature Craft is pushing the limits of what’s possible in inflatables. The boats celebrated a successful descent of the Stikine last year, and creature craft paddlers regularly test themselves against class V+ rivers around the world. Thanks to its shape and design, the only stable position is right-side up. “All weight is on the bottom side so it’s like an old-style clown pop-up..."
Complete story: RapidMedia
Entry contributed by RapidMedia.

"Historic Canoe Voyage Complete" (Canada)
"Over the summer of 2013 a group of six young paddlers retraced the historic fur trade routes across Canada, paddling a 25-foot canoe more than 5,000 kilometers over 120 days. The route began in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta and was completed on the St Lawrence Seaway in September. The trip was a success, and not only because it raised money and awareness about outdoor education, says Vooys. “Best of all, everyone who started the trip finished the trip—still as good friends.”
Complete story: RapidMedia
Entry contributed by RapidMedia.

"Man pleads guilty to killing 13-foot, 800 pound alligator" (Lufkin, TX)
"Michael Scoggin, 38, shot and killed a 13-foot American alligator in 2011. Using a .22-caliber rifle, Scoggin shot the approximately 800-pound creature from a canoe on the Neches River in Trinity County.  After killing the alligator, Scoggin tied it to the outside of the canoe and towed it to his truck for transport to a taxidermy shop..."
Complete story: Houston Chronicle
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Cold water means fall anglers, hunters must think of safety"
(Port Clinton, OH)
"The Lake Erie water temperature on Saturday was 53 degrees, and falling. With a lot of fishermen still out on the lake, and waterfowl hunters working the rivers and the marshes, fall can be a very productive time in the outdoors. But it is also a time when the stakes get much higher for the angler or the hunter who finds themselves in the water unexpectedly. While a clumsy August plunge into Lake Erie can be embarrassing and cost you a good cell phone, a November plunge can cost you your life. "More hunters are killed each year by drowning than by gunshot wounds,” Baron said. The advice offered by the Coast Guard remains simple, direct, and of the common sense variety..."
Complete story: Toledo Blade
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Kayak terror: ‘I feared I would never be rescued’" (Edinburgh, Scotland)
"Malcolm Moffat, 29, had been 45 minutes into a solo fishing trip when disaster struck and his kayak started to sink on Sunday morning. He had paddled out from his favourite spot when the vessel started to leak, causing it to submerge within minutes and damaging his mobile phone so he could not call for help. Moffat, was just 300 metres from dry land when he jumped from the canoe off the coast, but found himself unable to move against the tide. Mr Moffat, who owes his survival to his life jacket and drysuit, was finally picked up by a local fisherman..."
Complete story: Edinburgh News
Entry contributed by John Rich.