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Last Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes for September are now available, and can be viewed here.

October 9th, 2013
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Tisha Matticks 

Commodore: Harmon Everett
Seeking volunteers for the 50th Committee
Voting for New Elections for upcoming officers for 2014.

Searching for past members, present members that will have pictures, video, news clippings, etc. to share with HCC for our 50th Anniversary of the Houston Canoe Club next year.

We are thinking of having a small auction for the month of November. People are welcome to bring in items to donate to HCC for auction.

Harmon pointed out that HCC received a letter from an attorney without permission. (Later discovered that the letter appears to be a scam in attempt to collect money &/or information.)

Safety Minute: Harmon Everett
Talked about keeping safe when paddling in open water. Keep an eye on the weather so not to get caught in a thunderstorm. Talked about some precautions one may take.

Vice Commodore: Philip Matticks
Introduction of the Guest Speaker:
  Philip Matticks presented
Louis Aulback with a
$25.00 gift card from the
Houston Canoe Club.
With great appreciation; Luis Aulbach presented his presentation of his latest book. A powerpoint was the presentation with fine detail of maps and broad knowledge of “Wild, Scenic and Historical of Buffalo Bayou.

A table was set up for a Book Signing of his new book; “Buffalo Bayou” An Echo of Houston’s Wilderness Beginnings.

Our general meetings
are for everyone!
Members, future
members, guest and
repeat guest!
Our guest speakers for November are the general members to have the opportunity to share their experiences, water trips, safety tips or advice with the general meeting.

To make sure that we have time for others to present their stories; We ask that you please limit your adventures, presentation or PowerPoint to approximately 10-15 mins.

Recorder: Tisha Matticks
Minutes were posted.  The general meeting members are granted the opportunity to vote on acceptance or not of the minutes. The minutes have been approved, second by the board members and recorded by Ms. Matticks.

Financial Report-Treasurer: Bob Neager
A clear detail description of the financial status was presented to the general members at the meeting.
A breakdown and comparison from the year 2012 was explained to us all.
A breakdown of the current year (2013) expenses, income was also shared with the meeting.
An estimated proposed budget has been generated and approved for the year 2014.
Currently we have 114 paid members.
(Including entire families, no count of how many members in each family, payment counts as one.)

Inventory of the HCC’s property was recorded and documented.

Boatswain: Honey Leveen
A welcome introduction of New Members, Repeat Members & Guest Visitors.
The new Boatswain-Elect Kenny Pape was introduced to the general meeting.
Sarah from Australia was a guest who found us on the internet.

Newsletter: John Rich
Was not present during this meeting. But that does not stop him from putting out such great newsletters. John welcomes new stories and pictures to post on the newsletter for others to enjoy.

Conservation; John Bartos
Was not present at this meeting. But I’m sure his conservation responsibilities continue on.

Webmaster: Greg Walker
Present at the meeting, with no current changes to the website to report at the present....Great Job!

  Dave Kitson- Discussion
of last month’s &
upcoming paddle trip
Fleet Captain: Dave Kitson
Total miles to report; 3060
Total trips to report; 45
A tally of how many trip leaders are also being recorded.
Always looking for more trip leaders.

Past Trip Reports:
* Hunting Bayou-Wil Blumentritt (September 13)
* Buffalo Bayou Training-Christy Long (September 14)
* Green’s Bayou-Keith Williams (September 22)
* Fall Fling Lake Pass/Lake Charlotte-Joe Coker (September 28)
* Boundary Waters-Natalie Wiest (Not an official HCC Trip)
* Cypress Creek-Scouting Trip-Natalie Wiest (Not an official HCC Trip)
* Octpaddlefest-Mary Zaborowski-October 4, 5, 6)
* Staples-Christy & Terri (Not an official HCC Trip)

Upcoming Paddle Trips Discussed:
* Friends of Sargent Library Fun Run-JW Ramsey (October 12)
* Cypress Creek-Tom Douglas (October 27)
* Goliad-Philip & Tisha Matticks-November 02 & 03
* Corpus Christi-Ken Johnson-November 02 & 03 (Not an official HCC Trip)
* Double Bayou-Posted
* Columbus Loop-Posted

Open Floor Discussions:
* Question of the HCC Library count. Should be part of the HCC Inventory?
* Christy & Terri received a trophy in first place of their category class in a race.
* Christy Long-A committee member to participate in the upcoming voting election of 
   board members Any members are welcome to participate in voting someone else or themselves.

Social Meeting Dinner(s):
A reminder to all members &/or visitors; several people will join the Boatswain-Honey Leveen every month for an earlier dinner. (A different venue each month.) Then there are those that can’t meet that early and will join other members at an after-the-meeting dinner each month at Jax’s Grill Restaurant.


Remember, Think Safe, Paddle Safe” 

Recorder, Tisha Matticks