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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Flotilla aims to break Guinness world record" (Suttons Bay, MI)
"A Michigan group hopes it toppled a Guinness world record over the weekend by forming a flotilla of 2,099 kayaks and canoes in this picturesque lakeshore community. Kate Thornhill, one of the organizers of the “Floatilla2”, said response was “fabulous” and expects it was enough to have bested the record of 1,902 set in September 2011 by another group of paddlers at Inlet Lake, N.Y..."
Complete story: Detroit News 
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"Fugitive Tries To Flee Britain In Kayak" (England)
"Feckless fugitive Paul Redford - wanted for theft - tried to flee Britain by paddling across the English Channel in a stolen kayak to start a new life in France. With only a child's life jacket to spare him a watery grave the "gentleman burglar" rowed into one of the world's busiest shipping lanes intending to weave his way through the supertankers in a quest for Calais..."
Complete story: 
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"Auction features 'Deliverance' canoe" (Fremont, NE)
"Movie buffs will have a chance to bid on a wooden canoe used in the 1972 film "Deliverance" during a liquidation auction of the Clarion Inn in Fremont. The movie, which starred Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight, Ronnie Cox and Ned Beatty, followed a group of four Atlanta professionals as they took an extended canoe trip down a fictional river in a remote corner of Georgia..."
Complete story: Journal Star 
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"The Amphibious Kayak" (Carthage, MO)
"Frustrated with lining up transportation details just to go kayaking, Randy Ridings decided to invent a solution. He calls it the "Quayak". He is the only one with such a vehicle, and will likely remain so for a while. In the spirit of hovercrafts or amphibious tourist vehicles that travel from highways into lakes, Ridings' vehicle can be pedaled straight into waterways such as rivers, creeks and lakes..."
Complete story: Joplin Globe
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"New boating rule aims to limit invasive mussels" (Lubbock, TX)
"State officials concerned about the migration of zebra mussels in North Texas have proposed requiring all boats operating on public water in 17 counties be drained after each use. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is seeking public comment on the restrictions it proposed this week. The proposal would extend beyond lakes where mussels have been found so far..."
Complete story: Houston Chronicle
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Body found in Buffalo Bayou" (Houston, TX)
"The body of a motorcycle rider still wearing his helmet was found in Buffalo Bayou Wednesday morning. Pieces of his motorcycle were also pulled out of the water just west of downtown Houston..."
Complete story:
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Lakes and rivers in Texas shrink" (Texas)
"The state's record drought is still wreaking havoc on Texas' rivers, lakes and streams. These pictures show just how much the extreme weather has taken from the Lone Star state..."
Complete story: Houston Chronicle
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Woman drowns in Ross Lake" (Beaverton, MI)
"A woman drowned in Ross Lake while on a canoe trip with her husband and grandchildren..."

Complete story: Record & Clarion
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Life-jacket tree coming to Jackfish Lake" (Canada)
"A new safety installation planned for Jackfish Lake might help prevent a repeat of a tragic drowning that occurred in the community on Sept. 6. Plans are in place to put a life-jacket tree at the park to make the lifesaving devices available to those going out on the water. Community members would be able to take life-jackets hanging from the life-jacket tree, use them while in and around the water, and return them afterwards..."
Complete story: Northern News Services
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Puppy rescued from White Rock Lake" (Dallas, TX)
"One little pup found herself paddling alone in White Rock Lake Thursday so she scurried over and clung to a small log protruding from the water. She blinked droplets out of her eyes, then she spotted a man throw a kayak into the water, jump on and quickly zip over to her. At first she was scared, but the man told her everything would be alright before he scooped her up and paddled her back to solid ground..."
Complete story: Dallas Morning News
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"San Antonio River Improvements Project" (San Antonio, TX)
"A comprehensive, multi-year project is underway to restore and enhance 13 miles of the San Antonio River both north and south of downtown. The San Antonio River Improvements Project is a $358 million on-going investment in flood control, amenities, ecosystem restoration and recreational improvements along 13 miles of the San Antonio River..."
Complete story:
Entry contributed by Louis Aulbach.

"Paddling Blind" 
"Erik Weihenmayer isn’t your average kayaker. The 44-year-old recently made official his quest to become the first blind person to paddle the Grand Canyon in 2014.  The whitewater learning curve over the past six years has been steep and left Weihenmayer uncertain and scared at times. “There’s moments where I’m swimming through a rapid and I wonder, what am I doing here—there’s a reason there are no other blind kayakers in the world,” says Weihenmayer..."
Complete story:
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