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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"On the Road: Canoe Portage" (Minneapolis, MN)
"When a couple of young guys from Minneapolis decided to deliver a canoe to their favorite YMCA camp near Eveleth, Minnesota they did it the hard way. Reid Petit and his best buddy "Abe" Abrahamson portaged the heavy water craft the entire 300 miles. Jason Davis goes "On the Road" with this intrepid pair and was their to see the watery reception they got when they arrived at Camp Warren..."
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"National parks' paddle ban faces criticism" (Jackson Hole, Wyoming)
"A prominent pro-paddling conservation organization is charging the National Park Service with neglecting a legal duty to reassess watercraft bans on a number of its waterways in Wyoming. American Whitewater penned a letter that criticizes Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks for failing to analyze paddling in a planning document for the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act..."
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"They're floating; they're spending" (New Braunfels, TX)
"River tourists poured into waterways here Saturday, slathered in sunscreen and toting drinks in a variety of vessels, as the summer tubing season finally hit full stride. Despite a municipal prohibition on disposable containers, patronage was heavy on the Comal River as well as the Guadalupe River where it flows inside the city. Keeping tubers happy — and coming back — can pay big dividends for the local economy..."
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Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Motor-boat strikes kayaks causing injuries" (Kingston, MA)
"A kayaker and two paddle-boaters were injured Friday when they were struck by a motor boat allegedly driven by an intoxicated man. Authorities determined that the motor boat, driven by Joseph Carroll, 37, of Florida, struck and capsized a kayak and a two-person paddle-boat, and barely missed a canoe. Police arrested Carroll charging him with driving a boat under the influence of alcohol causing serious injury and unsafe operation of a boat..."
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"Gator Attacks Kayaker" (Boynton Beach, FL)
"Sarah Boyton was paddling through the waters in the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge when an alligator bit her inflatable kayak, coming dangerously close to taking a chunk out of her right shoulder. Boynton says when gator latched on, it began its "death roll" maneuver to tear apart the kayak..."
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"Portable canoe can be folded to the size of a suitcase" (England)
"The awkward job of transporting a canoe could soon be a thing of the past after an inventor has designed one that collapses down to the size of a suitcase. Called a Stakanoo, the boat is made of three sections that slot together in less than a minute to create the 7.6 ft vessel. These sections can then be separated and packed inside each other to make the 42 lb boat fully portable so that it fits in the boot of a car..."
Complete story: Daily Mail 
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Float trip ends in fatal shooting" (Steelville, MO)
"A group of family and friends on an annual float trip stopped at a gravel bar in the Meramec to refresh drinks and answer the call of nature, according to Loretta Dart, who was on the trip. Her cousin went into the woods to urinate. In doing so, he apparently ignited the ire of a property owner along the river fed up with people traipsing on his property. James Crocker, 59, confronted the group with a 9 mm handgun, and in an altercation over property rights that rapidly escalated to gunfire, fatally shot Dart’s husband..."
Complete story: Post-Dispatch
Entry contributed by Steve Green.

"Canoe crew grateful for life jackets" (Sequim, WA)
"For most participants, the annual Canoe Journey is about tradition, retracing the routes of their Northwest tribal ancestors around the Olympic Peninsula. But for the team from the Tsartlip Tribe in Canada, it was about survival Monday. “It was crazy,” said skipper Nobert Sylvester. His nine-person crew found themselves treading water in the Strait of Juan de Fuca early Monday after their canoe tipped over in what Sylvester described as rough seas..."
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"Anglers increasingly turning to kayaks" (PA)
"Edmiston is wild about smallmouths, but these days he prefers going after them in a kayak. “For me, it's just the ease,” he said...  
"Americans bought 78,600 new canoes in 2012, for example, said Ellen Hopkins of the National Marine Manufacturers Association. They bought 239,500 kayaks. That was the sixth consecutive year in which kayaks outsold canoes by at least a three-to-one margin..."
Complete story: TribLive
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