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Oyster Creek
June 22, 2013
by Keith Williams

On Saturday June 22 a total of 7 paddlers (6 members and 1 guest) did the Oyster Creek in Sugarland, Tx. The paddle stated at 8 pm and it was going to be a night paddle so that we can see the super moon. The plan for this paddle was to start at the Oyster Creek boat house and go to the right to the golf course then come back. This paddle has a great put-in that is a floating dock.
When we started, it was still daylight and at the beginning of the trip, we could start to see the moon. The creek goes by some newly built homes and under Hwy 59. It was a humid night which caused it to be hot. We saw they typical wildlife (fish, birds etc.) during this paddle, we saw a lot of floating hygeia (or some of the species like it.) The moon was full and bright and gave illumination to the float. At the beginning of the trip, there were some clouds and we were thinking that we would get some rain but they cleared up.
When we got to the golf course, we could not actually get there due to a heavy accumulation of the hygeia. I tried to get to the first part of the golf course to get out and stretch but could not due to all of the hygeia. When I looked down the creek, it appeared that it stopped with all of the vegetation. We turned around and headed back to the dock. We got to the dock about 10:45 for a total of 6 miles.

The author, Keith Williams