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Clear Creek
June 9, 2013
by Will Blumentritt

It had been about 10 years since I last paddled Clear Creek - having paddled it once by myself to explore and then followed up a month later with my kids in the boat - so I was overdue for another visit.

A total of 8 paddlers took the trip - with no no-shows. Five of us met for breakfast at 8:30 and met up with the rest at the put-in at 1776 Park off of FM 2351 at 9:30 for a "7 mile trip on Clear Creek from FM 2351 (1776 Park) to Countryside Park at a leisurely pace".

Link to the map and shuttle route:

The group consisted of: Will Blumentritt & daughter Emily, Gary and Judy Toche, Sherri Blifford, Terri Morgan, Katie O'Neill, and Dwight Luedke.

We unloaded the 5 boats and ran a 6 car shuttle to Countryside Park, leaving 5 cars at the take out and returned to 1776 in one car.

I had scoped out the put-in and take out a few days earlier in the week and found the 1 easy put in at 1776 Park. However, the rains that came on Friday/Saturday made the put-in pretty slippery. All made it in without too much trouble and we set off, recognizing the 30% chance of isolated storms.

The water was flat, with very little current and tree-lined the entire trip. About 40 minutes into the trip, we caught our first rain & thunder event - a hard rain for ~ 30 minutes. But with a predicted 91 degree forecast, the rain did keep up cool with temperatures in the 70's! Towards the end of the trip we had a 2nd rain & thunder event - this one being much lighter and of shorter duration.

Even though we purposely took this trip at a slow pace, I was surprised to see the take out come so soon - the time seemed to fly by. I don't think I have ever paddled as lightly and slowly as I did on this trip.

I recommend this trip as it is an easy paddle with a decent put-in and easy take-out with nice scenery and several options to extend the trip.

I continue to be pleasantly surprised with the Houston Canoe Club members. For years, I have mostly paddled by myself, as it so easy to do a spur of the moment trip without having to worry about what the weather will be a week from now. But the best thing I did this year was to rejoin the HCC this January. I have participated in numerous HCC trips this year and I have thoroughly enjoyed every trip. I have yet to meet a member who is not kind, helpful, likeable, and pleasant to paddle with. Paddling trips provide a unique opportunity to be with a group, but also have one-on-one or small group conversations over the duration of the trip, allowing members to really get to know each other and share stories and skills. This environment really works well for me. Yes, I still take spur of the moment trips from my back yard, but only when my time window is too short to plan or participate in an HCC trip.

The author, Will Blumentritt