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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Olympian pleads for return of stolen kayak" (Perth, Australia)
"Olympic kayaker Stephen Bird has made a plea for thieves to return his custom-made boat stolen from a home overnight. Bird discovered the K1 kayak missing from the roof of his car as he prepared to leave his sister’s home for a morning paddle at about 7am. “It’s obviously devastating,” Bird said. “This is the craft I won my national championship in earlier this month, and without it I won’t be able to train..."
Complete story: Herald Sun 
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"Kayak and Canoe Museum displays amazing collection of boats"
(Portland, OR)
"Missing are the walrus hide coverings and baleen lashings. But otherwise, the amazing kayaks on display in Portland are pretty much historically accurate. The 50 boats in the Lincoln Street Kayak and Canoe Museum, handmade in the traditional style, make up the largest and most diverse collection on display in the world, according to the man who researched the world to make them. Harvey Golden, 42, has dedicated his life to the study of small paddling boats. In between his bouts of research and writing, he has built 70 boats..."
Complete story: The Oregonian 
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition Newsletter" (Houston, TX)
"In this issue we discuss new partnerships, highlight the success of members, feature a volunteer, introduce our new East Reach Chair, highlight an upcoming event and discuss the merits of the new Parks Bond initiative. Read through and learn what's going on in your part of the bayou!..."
Complete story: GBCC
Entry contributed by Will Blumentritt.

"San Marcos River Retreat For Sale" (San Marcos, TX)
"This camp is now available for purchase. It is still very much in operation, but the owners, Tom and Paula Goynes, are trying to retire (it's a muscular dystrophy thing). The price is $1.5 million. It includes approximately 19.25 acres with about 1/4 mile of river frontage, a nice home, a chapel and a couple of outbuildings. If you, your scout council, or your church is interested, contact Tom Goynes..."
Web site: San Marcos River Retreat  
Entry contributed by Harmon Everett.

"Floating theater celebrates state's Water Trails system"
(Minneapolis, MN)
"There may be more comfortable theater seats, but none are more novel than those offered by PlaceBase Productions. On May 18, voyageur canoes will float audience members along the Minnesota River through an original production. Yes, you’ll be paddling. Theatergoers, paddles in hand, will engage with actors on land and from their canoes for about 8 miles. Historical characters such as Joseph Nicollet or Henry David Thoreau will emerge on river banks, islands and on other watercraft in an interactive journey into the past and future of the Minnesota River Valley..."
Complete story: Star Tribune
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"Kayaking Accident Victim Identified" (Arkansas)
"The National Park Service reports a 79-year-old woman from Vermont drowned in the Buffalo National River after her head struck a tree and her kayak overturned.  A friend was unable to get the kayak upright or get her friend’s head above water, according to the park service..."
Complete story: HomeTownDailyNews
Entry contributed by Christy Long.

"La Grange Kanoe Klasika" (LaGrange, TX)
"Fellow Paddlers, The La Grange Evening Lions Club will be hosting the 2nd annual Kanoe Klasika on Saturday, August 17, 2013. The race is in conjunction with the Texas Canoe & Kayak Racing Association and is being directed by Seejane Paddle out of Austin. All proceeds will benefit the La Grange Lions Club Scholarship Fund. We would appreciate you posting and/or forwarding to all parties who could be interested in participating. For details and registration, please refer to  Thanks and regards, Jim Donnelly, La Grange Evening Lions Club."
Entry contributed by Jim Donnelly.

"Tubers Invade Houston" (Houston, TX)
"This photo was taken at the Art Car Parade Saturday, May 11th, in downtown Houston. It could illustrate the problems all the rivers in Texas are having, but with the water so low the tubers are resorting to dry land  :-)"
Entry contributed by Linda Gorski.

"Paddling down the river in a cardboard boat" (Cleveland, TN)
"Walker Valley High School students saw proverbial success on the seas as engineering and physics students paddled cardboard boats on the Hiwassee River. Classes work independent of each other and then come together to test the full-size boats. The objective was to be able to row to a buoy and back twice. Teams construct the boats from cardboard, wood glue and duct tape. “It’s a really good project, because it brings in a lot of material science, buoyance, fluid dynamics ... and it also meshes the kids together from the engineering classes to the physics classes,” Bivens said..."
Complete story: Daily Banner
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"35 Miles of Brazos River Now Part of TPWD’s Texas Paddling Trails"
(Brazoria County, TX)
"Four new paddling trail segments on the Brazos River comprising the Stephen F. Austin Paddling Trail have recently been added as official Texas Paddling Trails. Paddlers along the trail can expect plentiful wildlife, rugged landscapes and historic settings as they travel on one of Texas’ most storied rivers. Paddlers can take one section at a time or paddle the entire length for an adventure at every turn. “The new paddling trail on the Brazos River covers 35.4 miles and represents the longest continuous stretch of river trails we’ve launched to date,” says Shelly Plante, nature tourism manager for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. “A real plus is that the various segments lie within an hour’s drive of Houston’s growing paddling community..."
Complete story: Texas Parks & Wildlife Department News, TPWD Paddling Trails 
Entry contributed by Natalie Wiest.

"Missing canoe has sentimental value" (Ontario)
"In all the years Tiny Township resident Randy Bauer has been designing and paddling canoes, never in his wildest dreams did he think one of his creations would take flight one day. But that’s exactly what happened when Hurricane Sandy hit Eastern Canada. Now, his 16-foot cedar-strip canoe, which he built 25 years ago, is lost somewhere out in Georgian Bay..."
Complete story:
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"Rogue canoe sends motorcyclists to hospital" (London, England)
"Two London residents were sent to hospital after their motorcycle was forced from the road by a canoe that came free from a passing pickup truck..."
Complete story: London Community News 
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"Couple faces weather, crime on 740 mile paddle" (Rangeley, ME)
"Imagine carrying and paddling hundreds of pounds in a canoe for hundreds of miles... then being robbed. It happened to a Maine couple. "Unfortunately we hit some really tough rapids... we said it's smarter to go around this." The couple were carrying their 70 pound billy bags while scouting on foot for a place to pull off. "There was no people or not many cars so I figured it was alright. And put the bags down," says Plummer. Steeves recalls: "cresting this hill with the canoe when we saw this pickup truck, you know slowly pulling off with $2000 worth of our gear... And more importantly, memories..."
Complete story: WCHS  
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