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HomeNL-2013-05 Buffalo Bayou Regatta

Houston Canoe Club
at the Buffalo Bayou Regatta
Mar. 16, 2013
by Philip Matticks

Honey Leveen  &  Philip Matticks
The first paddler off the River; Mark Addison

The second paddler off the River; Logan Mynar

As you can see, a temporary floating dock was tied to the main bulkhead.

Rock climbing was a thill to see as we awaited the paddlers.

An early sight of the few crafts that made it to dock.

Several vendors

Food while it lasts!

Zydeco music

Terry Herdlicka and John Ohrt, first in their category.  Great job, guys!

Catch your breath, John!

Patti and Donna

Now, they are starting to paddle on in.




It was a sight to see!


HCC is under the blue tent on the right, next to the beer tent!

All ages just having fun!


These were the awards each winner received.

Tisha Matticks was out passing ourt HCC cards, talking to strangers & making new friends!

There can never be enough volunteers.

Louis Aulbach, his son and his girlfriend passed by to say hello.

Where there is water, there is Joe Coker!

Ken Anderson & Joe Coker


Early bird gets perfect parking. The early start of the shuttle line.


The author, Philip Matticks