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Buffalo Bayou
Feb 2, 2013
by Harmon Everett

John Ohrt and Terry Herdlicka are entering the Buffalo Bayou Regatta and seriously considering trying to win their heat. They decided to do a practice run on February 2. I thought that called for an official HCC trip down the bayou. John Bartos and Honey Leveen came along. John convinced Cindy to run shuttle for us.

John and Terry seriously considering.

We saw several great blue herons.

There was some pretty impressive construction project going on near the golf course.
There were lots of workmen and some pretty big construction equipment.

It was a GREAT day for a paddle!

As promised, Cindy was there at the take-out to help!

The take-out was a little precarious and you had to be very careful not to slip, trip, or fall in.

We carefully picked the boats up and carried them up the hill to the parking lot.

It is a pretty steep hill up from the Bayou.

The next day, John and Terry were at it again, this time starting from the Sabine Street Bridge.
But they are looking very coordinated.

Also, I noticed some fresh beaver markings near the Montrose Street bridge.
It portends to be a great season for paddling!

 The author, Harmon Everett