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Last Meeting Minutes

January 9th, 2013
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Tisha Matticks 

Book Author:
We had the privilege of having Natalie Wiest present to autograph her new book that was recently published. The autograph books will be a gift presented to future speakers. Thank you so much Natalie Wiest.  “Canoeing & Kayaking Houston Waterways”  
The meeting was called to order by Commodore Harmon Everett at 7:05 PM.  Harmon thanked the outgoing Board Members and welcomed the new Board Members.

  Joe Coker

Harmon presented a gift card to Joe Coker, past Vice Commodore, for his unselfish dedication and hard work as he took on, not only his position, but those of the Commodore as well for most of the year duing 2012.

Honey Leveen introduced our new members, new guest and welcomed the old. Special thank you for attending in such bad weather.

Safety Minute:
Presented by Harmon; the importance of a personal life vest/jacket and knowing when to cancel a trip event, especially as a Trip Leader.

Trip Reports    

• Joe reported 8.5 miles during winter trips.
• Frank shared an adventure paddle with his brother in Ecuador.
• Harmon shared his trip on Armand Bayou.

Upcoming Paddle Trips Discussed:
• Southwest Moonlight Paddle (Jan. 26) 
• Wilderness Training (Feb. 2) 
• San Marcos Clean Up (Mar. 2) 
• Regatta (Mar. 16)
• Trash Bash at Texas Wide Rivers & Bayou’s (Mar. 23)
• Beginners & Level 2 training at Higaldo Falls
• Sabine Annual Labor Day Weekend (May)
• Woods Project (Jun)
• Sabine Annual Memorial Weekend (Sep)
• October Paddle Fest (Oct)
• Week of Rivers; Lakes of North Carolina

Open Floor Discussions
• Find more Trip Leaders to move more people on the water. 
• ACA Membership - Sign 7 Pay on Line to HCC 
• ACA requires that all members must sign the Waiver. 
• Ideas were shared of what items to bring during a clean-up. (Net-Rake-Hook-Shovel-Spade)

Guest Speaker:
Due to bad weather, the guest speaker, 
Tracey Prothro, was unable to attend. Our sincere apologies!

However, we were delighted to have Natalie Wiest share some of her work and her obvious dedication to research her findings to create and finalize this wonderful adventurous book. “Canoeing & Kayaking Houston Waterways”.

NOTE: The picture on Natalie’s book is a photograph taken by Joe Coker, past Vice Commodore.

“Remember, Think Safe, Paddle Safe”


Recorder, Tisha Matticks