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"Canoeing and Kayaking Houston Waterways"
Natalie Wiest
Introduction by John Rich
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One of Houston Canoe Club's own veteran paddlers, Natalie Wiest, after many years of work, has finally finished her book on places to paddle in Houston.

The book became available starting November 1st, and can be ordered on Amazon.

Natalie is planning to attend the HCC Christmas Party and will be happy to personally autograph as many copies as people have in hand.  Unfortunately, she does not have a sizable private stock from which to sell, so Amazon or local book stores will have to be your source.  Natalie does not yet know at this point which local stores, such as REI, Academy, etc., will carry the book.  

Here is the introduction by Texas A&M University Press, which publishes the book:     
Within about seventy-five miles of downtown Houston, some 1,500 miles of rivers, creeks, lakes, bayous, and bays await discovery. Canoeing and Kayaking Houston Waterways, by longtime paddler Natalie Wiest, is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to experience Houston’s well-watered landscape from the seat of a kayak or canoe.

Before introducing readers to the quiet, green world that lies within and around the heart of the city, Wiest gives some pointers on water safety (including swimming and boating); on weather, flood stages, and legal access; and on an often unseen but always present paddling companion— alligators. She also provides a gear checklist for a day trip, a brief guide to boats and paddles, and a “sampler” list of easy places to paddle for true beginners.

Presented in nine chapters, each organized around a river system or coastal basin and comprising a “suite” of paddling trips, the excursions described by Wiest offer a general description of the destination, directions (both driving and paddling), and details about the paddling conditions and access sites, which are all publicly owned or managed. Each chapter lists mileages, USGS gauging station numbers, and GIS locations when applicable. Also including ninety color photos and more than thirty detailed maps, Canoeing and Kayaking Houston Waterways offers both novice and experienced paddlers a helpful and enjoyable reference for experiencing nature at water level, in and around Houston. 
The press release from Texas A&M University Press: Here
The Amazon book listing: Here

The author, Natalie Wiest